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  1. Animal Planet is showing six episodes of Lost Treasure Hunters for three days starting July 28, 2014. Check the local listings but it says 6PM as a start time. These episodes take place on the Krishna River in India when me and my mining busses were mining diamonds. We had lots of fine. if you want more info check my blog post at http://goldtowner.blogspot.com/2014/07/lost-treasure-hunters-animal-planet.html.
  2. Most alluvial gravel is easy to scrub, the real secret is to use the weight of the gravel to scrub the gravel. As you can see here at around 75 yards per hr, with a 5 ft diameter screen 25 ft long you will get a good scrub. The 1 inch water spray bars pushes a lot of water through the media creating a very good liberating scrubbing action. Using an excavator to feed with is usually the most long term productive way of introducing material to the washing system. The first 6 or 8 ft of blank barrel helps wet, distribute irregular sand and gravels to your screens and recovery system be it simple sluices, jigs, or any other type of gravity recovery system. Read the entire blog post http://goldtowner.blogspot.com/2014/01/this-is-what-inside-of-trommel-barrel.html
  3. A great article in the Montana Journalism Review with Rob Towner about the mystery of Henry Plummer's gold. http://goldtowner.blogspot.com/2014/01/henry-plummers-gold-montana-journalism.html