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  1. gmeyer

    "flour Gold" Recovery

    Chris- You are right there is not a lot of information on our website, there is a lot of information that is still proprietary until the 1ton unit is complete. Please keep in mind that the pilot unit is located in Oxnard, Ca. I think you know Joe Martori at Sleepy Bear don't you?
  2. gmeyer

    "flour Gold" Recovery

    Chris- We actually have a operational pilot system with a max capacity of 300lb/day. Have you visited trilogyhep.com yet?,pictures are there. The pilot system was developed for Sleepy Bear Mine concentrates. We are currently in the construction phase of a 2000lb/day unit with Sleepy Bear Mine in Randsburg, CA. Let's get a non-disclosure signed between us and get you out here.....call me @ 8058904446 or email, George@trilogyhep.com
  3. gmeyer

    "flour Gold" Recovery

    flint..... I see you have re-posted your "friends" problem....after the last round I assumed you had the solution found...If you have not ....a safe economical chemical process is still the solution for you, I have access to a pilot plant that can fulfill your requirements....what tonnage are you talking about.....check out trilogyhep.com
  4. gmeyer

    Dredging And Mercury.

    Geo- True the use of chlorides to dissolve gold is old technology.. I'm sure we can both agree on that fact. The new proprietary portion of the method I am talking about is in the precipitation phase. New resin technology has simplified and revolutionized the precipitation phase which result in a ecological friendly chlorine based chemistry method with recyclable solutions and virtually hazard free waste streams (compared to the most common methods), to recover gold and PGM. The process is currently being used at a placer mine in Mojave, California. www.sleepybearmining.com
  5. gmeyer

    Dredging And Mercury.

    Geo- Chlorine is the answer, think about it... every American household has a bottle of bleach under the sink?.....The ancients had it right it was the Cl in the NaCl ...the chloride "cl" is what dissolved the gold. John- You wouldn't use salt in a modern process like the ancients did, so you wouldn't be killing all the plants the ancients probably did. Modern chlorine generation equipment uses the salt to make cl2 chlorine gas, used in a closed computer controlled reaction chamber make it a safe and environmentally friendly process. Goldbellmining- hopefully this has answered your questions
  6. gmeyer

    "flour Gold" Recovery

    flintgreasewood- I have experience with chlorine to produce gold chloride. The dissolution process took 18hrs, precipitation process 6 hrs. it produced .9996 gold. Chemical assay value of concentrate 5.12 ot, recovered 4.98 ot that's better than 97% recovery. No harsh chemicals to dispose of, re-use of solution, simple precipitation method.
  7. gmeyer

    "flour Gold" Recovery

    Chris- Maybe in the old days chlorine production resulted in a lot of toxic waste, but modern electrochemical technologies produce chlorine with little toxic byproduct. True, free chlorine is nasty but modern instrumentation can eliminate free chlorine by proper feed ratio's.
  8. gmeyer

    "flour Gold" Recovery

    Chris- Modern technology has improved the process of using chlorine as a method to dissolve gold. Resin technologies have virtually eliminated the early problems associated with using chlorine as a lixiviant and the problems of waste bi-products. There is a company that has developed a proprietary method to extract gold which starts with salt, water and muriatic acid, all available at your local home depot. The process reuses the solution over and over again, the gold and PGM's are precipitated from the solution with that proprietary resin I mentioned. Any heavy metals dissolved in the solution ie: lead, etc. are removed via resins and the resulting solution is either reused or discarded as reclaimed water....
  9. gmeyer

    "flour Gold" Recovery

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