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  1. Bob(AK)

    Dry Washing - Finally!

    You could probably drywash in Alaska it has been so warm and dry. Many streams are lower than ever for this time of year. Glacial fed streams are high because of the warmth.
  2. Bob(AK)

    Still Hard At It At Cobb Prospect

    You are definitely not a quitter!! Hope you are well rewarded, Bob
  3. Bob(AK)

    Blind Bedrock Profiling

    That may work on your claim, wouldn't work for me because of large boulders. And yes that third probe could be a crevice with gold. We all should have a back hoe, good luck
  4. Bob(AK)

    Lifestraw Personal Water Purofier

    These straw type filters may be fine and they are simple, but I'm going to stick with the ceramic type pump filter I have been using the last few years
  5. Bob(AK)

    Gemstone Geology

    Also a guide book "Rockhounding Alaska" by Montana Hodges