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  1. probably a waste of oxygen talking to public officials. Perhaps a letter to the larger tourisn organisations/operators - hotels, mall owners, etc., letting them know how many dolars they are missing may produce something a bit better. Best of luck with your battle. Stupid australian governments are following the same path - simply to appease a few fringe green voters.
  2. China has already made noises about replacing the USD for international settlements. not much other than sentiment keeping the dollar there.
  3. As a total outsider, this seems to have strayed off topic. When I last registered a corporation in the US, the state of incorporation had nothing to do with where I was trading, operating the business, or living. On legal advice, the best place at that time to incorporate was the State of Maryland. I forget the reasons now, but i believe it had a bit to do with control of shares (in case of expansion). I suggest that you make an appointment with qualified legal and accounting professionals before moving on. Hope it works for you. cheers,
  4. karu

    How It All Got Started

    Great story. Almost as good as being able to get out there amongst it. cheers Len
  5. karu

    Gold Hits 11 Week High

    Low is good - i can buy more!
  6. Interesting story about Germany's gold a few weeks ago. Appears that they wanted to inspect "their gold" and Fed would'n let them. Bundesbank were quite upset!
  7. karu

    $1000 Gold Within A Year?

    GS opiniona are worth about what I paid for them. zip! Melbourne, Australia