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  1. So first thing is to just get some new basic MM and replace the old stuff with it? What about the big area (about 20%) at the beginning of the box that doesn't have any matting or anything? Should I put like V-Rib matting, or Vortex, or MM, or just keep it bare like it is right now?
  2. I could use a little help here guys, I just picked up a custom built 3" suction dredge and the MM it has is pretty old and shot out. I'm looking at replacing it. The riffle overlays seem just fine so I'm not worried about those, but I am curious what do you all think would be a good replacement for a 4'x12" box on a 3" dredge where the primary locations I will be using it is in SC/GA (and sometimes in NC) so black sands, some clay and fine silt, and blonde sands. What I see the most is the black sands, about a 3 or 4 to 1 ration from black to blonde. The mix would be about 5-15% silt, 5-15% clay, 25-55% black, 10-30% blonde, then 5%-35% mix of everything else (rock, gold etc.) is kind of a rough estimated breakdown for y'all. Based on that, and the size of my box and the fact its a 3" suction dredge what do you think would be the best (in your opinion) matting that I should look into? As of right now its some old MM that covers about 75-80% of the box from the end up, but at the last 20-25% where the material inlet is there is nothing there, its just bare sluice metal. Could really use some help on how to setup and adjust this to catch the fines and chunky gold that comes out of the rivers in South Carolina AND out of the Dahlonega area of GA as I have just finished a mineral rights lease of 55 acres there that has 1 main river and 2 feeder streams, and I live on a 5 acre stretch on a main river here in SC with a 3' waterfall at the upstream edge of my property, then is spotted with boulders for 2/3's of the length of my land then about 30 yards before my land ends there is a sudden 10' hole in the river bottom (which averages 2-4 feet deep in both directions for as far as I have gone) that covers 2/3-3/4 of the 30-40 yard wide river. So if there is gold there, there is a high chance it'll be in my section of river..... So you all can see why I need this help ASAP so I can get in the water and start moving dirt like yesterday! And thank you in advance for any help anyone can give me! If I can ever do the same, don't hesitate to ask.....