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  1. Elijah W

    Blind Bedrock Profiling

    If you've access to water a power washer with a long wand is waaaaaaayyyyyy faster and much less back breaking. A T-handled probing rod might work well in some situations as as well.
  2. Elijah W

    7.7 Ounce Gold Crystal

    I did a little research after reading this article. It turns out that this nugget comes from Ikabaru, Venezuela, an area known for producing lots of cristaline nuggets. Ikabaru is only a few hours from where I own property in Brazil. I think on my next trip down there I might have to make a trip over there to visit and take my detector along.
  3. Elijah W

    Video - New Minelab Sdc 2300

    Any idea when this machine will be available and what the price range is going to be?
  4. Elijah W

    $1000 Gold Within A Year?

    What kind of formula do you use to figure those production figures, Geo, or are you just basing your numbers off what a 50 yd/hr plant will produce? It seems to me that .05oz/yd x 50 yds/hr would equal 2.5oz/hr.
  5. This isn't something that mainstream US media is covering, but if you look in some foreign media you'll find the story. Russia has threatened to dump all their holdings in US dollars onto the world market if the US gets involved in the Ukraine. Russia's ally China has indicated they will follow suit. The result would be a massive loss in value to the dollar. I'm not giving any financial advice here, but I've pulled all my savings from banks and from the markets. I'll hold some cash, and I've put the rest into gold and silver. I think a prudent person would follow this situation very closely.