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  1. Seeing how Geo posted here recently this looks like a good place to say I have a new e mail address for what it's worth. dick
  2. dicklaxt

    Reverse Helix Recovery Systems

    True that can be done but without a jig you will never keep the helix aligned to the desired slope/path true. Finding gold is not a problem ,thats a given. dick
  3. dicklaxt

    Reverse Helix Recovery Systems

    Okay then here is a way to "Poor Boy" it. In post #66 I mentioned using helix sections 2 foot long. Go to you local fab shop and get these sections fabbed or do it yourself if you have the equipment at your disposal. Once you have the required number of sections to complete the job be it ( round bar, flat bar. angle, structural "Tee" etc) next make a jig that will hold 2 or 3 helix sections in the correct position on the inside of the trommel and clamp it in place to the trommel with the helix sections captive with in the jig and pressed against the trommel inside wall. This will allow you to drill and tap from outside through the trommel wall and tap the helix as required. You can then use the last section secured for jig positioning and then repeat the D&T operation and jig repositioning until complete. This would be no step for a stepper. NOTE: If you use aluminum for the helix material you could probably use high strength self tapping screw's and not need to "Tap" Now what's the next problem other than the aluminum wearing out but I'm guessing a small one man operation aluminum would last a season. Whatcha think?? dick
  4. dicklaxt

    Reverse Helix Recovery Systems

    Just how tight(approx spacing between coils)of a helix are we talking about for a given diameter? Now don't give me a pitch /inch type answer as that would just confuse me LOL. I went back and read all of this post and it appears what you are trying to do has already been attempted and in most part failed. I know there are fab shops out there with the capabilities of building this reverse helix trommel as desccribed. If you are convinced this will do what you want it to why not bite the bullet and have it built? I like spending other people's money. smile dick
  5. dicklaxt

    Reverse Helix Recovery Systems

    If I were to make one on paper as I'll never actually do it with cold hard steel but who says that the helix has to be continous. You could make section's about 2'-0" long and overlap and offset the ends ends while still following the desired helix path. The fall of concentrate from one section to the other may be a plus factor in shaking out the gold,,,smile................. 2'-0" section's could easily be replaced and the short section would fight off any expansion/contraction issues. dick
  6. Thats interesting,when are you going to do the video of the rig working,has a water motor ever been adapted to a trommel before? dick
  7. dicklaxt

    Still Hard At It At Cobb Prospect

    Cool beans,you sure are a tough old fart. I wish I was there helping you. dick
  8. dicklaxt

    Need Help With Texas Fine Flake

    Eric ,just out of curiosity. I too am from Texas,I am not a miner/prospector but have a profound interest in what other's are doing in this endeavor. What area in Texas are you mining or retrieving this gold from if you don't mind saying. dick
  9. dicklaxt

    Metal Detector Theory

    This is interesting even tho I don't know much about such but I did own a White's detector back in the day. I'd say it was in the late 60's or early 70s, the group I was running with all had either White's or Garrett equipment. There was one in our bunch who knew a little about electronics and he purchased a DIY Heath Kit detector. He knew enough to add a feedback circuit into the kit where he was able to amplify the audio level of a target return signal which allowed him to easily pickup on a weak audio output. He had a unit that would out perform both the above mentioned detector's. I'm sure that the newer units are now far and above the modified DIY Kit he had but thought this story would make a good addition to this post saying how thing's used to be. Hmmmm, I wonder what ever happened to Heath Kit? dick
  10. dicklaxt

    Reverse Helix Recovery Systems

    Geo , I too agree that a raised helix would be more efficient as it will be holding back how ever much concentrate is available before it tumbles over the dam as the helix rises. The recessed area will only be holding what ever its volume will allow as all other concentrate will be sliding past the slot long before the tumble over the dam.. dick
  11. I'd think of using UHMWPE as its a proven slurry pipe, tougher than a boot but may be pricey. It will beat PVC hands down.,,,,,,,,,but then again what do I know about pipe,I used a piece of it for a project onetime and it's hard to hurt. dick
  12. I just read the long thread of Geowizard's about his past and ongoing adventure's in Ophir. A very interesting story. Geo mention's that his quarter's in Ophir are in a two story cabin where he uncovered mention of Peggy's Place. I was stationed at Tatalina Air Force Station close by in 1955-56 and again in 1962-63. Here's a little history and insight on Peggy and her life that I know of personally. This is straight from the horse's mouth as I spent several cold winter nights drinking a beer or two with Peggy at her later Peggy's Place located between Takotna and the AFS. I might qualify the time line a bit by saying bear in mind this was nearly 60 years ago and things do become sketchy at best. I don't remember all of the exact details but it starts this way. Peggy had originally had earlier business interests in the Barbary Coast District in San Francisco. She had two son's who she raised and put through college, A short time after their graduation from college they both disowned her and she moved away from SF and eventually made her way to Ophir. She had her place in Ophir prior to my arrival in 1955 and if I recall a few years earlier than that. There was a second lady named Marie who also set up shop in Ophir for a short duration but there wasn't room for both so Marie made her way down the road to Takotna. The mining activities later slowed in Ophir so Peggy also moved to Takotna and the feud started again. One of their places mysteriously burned to the ground at Takotna, It must have been Peggy's as Marie was up and running in Takotna and Peggy was up and running down the road towards the AFS when I arrived. Peggy always ran a special for the guys at Tatalina AFS of giving free beer for the night on your birthday . I aged quickly while I was there as I had a birthday every month. A little about Marie's Place, she was going to bring in some ladies and it was to be a Gala Event. The AFS went on skeleton crew manning and everyone who could was there for the arrival. Well the plane was late, most everyone was drunk and there was only one new arrival. She was a knockdown beautiful redhead and the fight's broke out to be first in line .( rotten GI's ya'know). The Gala finally ended, troops returned to the AFS but things were in a turmoil for days at the radar site because 3 or 4 of the troops thought they were in love with that redhead and fight's were breaking out often at the site. The commander called in a Territorial Marshal (I think that was what they were called...Alaska was yet to be a State) and had the redhead runoff. I returned in 1962 to find things still status quo at both places. I found out many year's later from one of the local's that Peggy had married a Civilian Contractor working at Tatalina and moved to Anchorage where she later passed after running a legit on the up & up business for years. Thanks for listening. dick
  13. I have made an attempt at that run on a 4 man Bobsled(homemade BTW). We would start out about 1/2 mile above lower camp but only made it about halfway to the airstrip because the terrain flattened out. That run was about 1 1/2 miles I'd guesstimate. Our return tow vehicle driver claimed he reached speeds of 50MPH to stay with of us when headed down the road.We had many crashes but only one broken bone but lots of bumps and bruises. We stopped/slowed that homemade sled by putting it into an intentional skid and steered by team body leaning. Yes it was a kick. dick
  14. Tad,,,,,no, I was never at Peggy's place in Ophir,as I said she was already established at her new place near Takotna when I arrived. BTW, Peggy was really a nice lady, tho lonely, and I enjoyed the many talks we had even tho I was only 19. If I remember she had another lady ( a native) residing there with her. dick
  15. dicklaxt

    First Time Dredge Or Highbanker?

    Okay so I asked a dumb question,I won't ask any more rest assured. dick
  16. dicklaxt

    First Time Dredge Or Highbanker?

    I sure am curious about how a Highbanker unit got it's name..........someone educate this old man. Lets see, maybe a guess like it's structure would make it more convenient to feed with the prospector high up the bank,,,nahhhh, that's to simple, dick
  17. dicklaxt

    Extremely Fine Gold Recovery

    We, USAF active duty members in Alaska back in the late 1950's did a lot of stupid things in our quest for gold.When panning for gold, the remaining concentrate of heavy sands and fine gold presented a problem,separating the gold from the sand was a tedious undertaking with tweasers, kind of like picking fly chit out of pepper. An old established miner of the times told us of the why's and why not's(danger's) of using mercury to recover the gold. We midnight requisitioned some mercury switches from the electrical shop and drained them,smile.. the use of a two gallon mayo jar filled with a small amount of mercury along with the concentrate when positioned on a motor driven paint shaker/mixer produced a gold amalgum glob. We had a 5 year engineering graduate in our group who we all thought was the smartest guy in the world. He came up with a method of making a mercury retort using a plumber's lead melting pot & blow torch and misc parts & pieces we had available at our radar site. I sure can't remember the details of how that rig all went together or worked, but it did work, allowing us to separate the gold and recovering most of the mercury as well. I know we set it up outside and used a big fan to blow any escaping vapors away from us. It's a wonder we didn't kill ourselves from mercury poisoning. I'm sure we didn't expose ourselves or the surrounding atmosphere to enough vapor or skin touch to hurt anything but I'll bet we sure violated EPA guidelines to hell and back. I think back now on all the dumb tricks I did growing up and it's a wonder I survived. dick
  18. dicklaxt

    Techie-Geek Questions

    I used to fabricate/sell 6 and 12volt powered Game Feeders. This of course required a solar panel to keep things hot and working via a trickle charger for weeks unattended. In this case to prevent reverse current flow at night and other low light conditions I simply put a blocking diode in the circuit. dick
  19. I've got a picture of a drag line and sluice in operation in the summer of either 1956 or 1963 if anyone would like to see it.I could e-mail it as I don't know how to post it . dick
  20. dicklaxt

    Techie-Geek Questions

    Right on guys,I don't have that sheepskin either but 44 years in the electrical business dictates,"Don't scrimp on batteries and chargers". They are expensive until you need one. dick
  21. dicklaxt

    2014 Mining Season At Cobb

    WOW!!!!!!!! Now that would deal me out of the game quickly, a claustrophobic atmosphere for sure which I couldn't handle. Thanks for the prompt answer. dick
  22. dicklaxt

    2014 Mining Season At Cobb

    I have been following this adventure by Flint with much interest. I do have many questions but find that most are answered if I just keep reading. I do have one that I'm really curious about and that is just how large(dimension) of a diameter or cross section is the vertical shaft Flint is working in? I'm 78 years old with the itch but will have to be content to just follow you folks around via this box of rocks called a computer. I'd be there with you if things were different, I guess we all have that bridge to cross as time goes on. dick
  23. A great adventure for a father and son,,,,,,,,,something to treasure and a little profit too. dick
  24. dicklaxt

    2014 Mining Season At Cobb

    Interesting flint,,,,,,,you sure are a daring person working by yourself under those conditions,,I wish you the best. dick