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    IdahoJim got a reaction from Smithsgold in River Detecting for Gold Nuggets   
    Thanks, Jeff, and Congratulations on a nice nugget, and beating Gary....LOL
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    IdahoJim got a reaction from Clay in Claim size   
    Not to put too fine a point on it, but 600 x 1,500' is actually 20.66 acres.
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    IdahoJim got a reaction from Clay in Claim size   
    Not to put too fine a point on it, but 600 x 1,500' is actually 20.66 acres.
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    IdahoJim reacted to KenAslan in Claim size   
    I stand corrected, Thank you.  for some stupid reason I thought it was more like 5 acres.  I should have done the math.  I know better than that.  But alas, I am an electrical engineer, not a civil engineer.
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    IdahoJim reacted to Frank Tillman in No To Dredging And No To Steelhead   
    It eventually ends, badly though, when the false economy crashes. The fed can't keep
    buying US bonds from banks with journal entries on the bank's books forever. The house
    of cards will come down and when it does people, even the current lefties will understand
    what has been taking place at the fed level and there will be a lot of hate.
    In fact the lefties will be the most hateful.
    This hate will be the new direction of the country.
    Eric Hoffer in "The True Believer" writes about this transition as it happens in mass movements. 
    Things are going to be getting a lot worse as this all plays out.   
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    IdahoJim reacted to Geowizard in Ophir Placer Gold Mine - An Example   
    Here's a link to an image of the highbank stratification:
    - Geowizard
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    IdahoJim reacted to Geowizard in Prospecting 101   
    Prospectors deserve a lot of credit.
    - Geowizard
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    IdahoJim got a reaction from Ronald C in Finished The Shaker Table   
    Thanks for the kind words, Ron. The table has been a JOB...LOL. I made one significant change since I posted that video....I lowered the slope of the riffles. That lowered the upslope of the table, and gave me MUCH more separation of the tungsten from the black sand. You can see the changes, and results, here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNlCFUd6c-M
    Still have a few minor mods, but it's mostly done. I hadn't planned on selling plans for the table, but have had some requests, so will get busy on drawing it up, and getting some build pics done.....it's snowing here, so nothing else to do.
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    IdahoJim got a reaction from Clay in Finished The Shaker Table   
    I built this table a couple of years ago. Been fiddling with it off and on, Finally decided to get it done. The drive unit was the trouble spot, but I got that solved this week. Now that it's done I noticed a problem I didn't know I had. The riffle taper is too steep. They are about 1/4" high at the feed end, and they should have been 1/8". The table slopes up from right to left, so the riffles are level, and the water flows across them. You can't lower the slope of the table, because the water would then flow along the riffles, which would force all the material to the con end....bad. Other than that, the table seems to work well. The video is here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffaxWOwWxJs
     Any suggestions, questions, etc....welcome!
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    IdahoJim reacted to Steve Herschbach (Inactive) in Using Leach On Ore For Gold Recovery   
    I feel for K Rose on this one. He asked a specific question. "Anybody out there versed in using iodide as leach? I need a little more info on using an acid buffer during oxidation and precipitation."
    After reading this thread I also would be feeling like I was getting grilled if I was in his shoes.