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  1. Mooch3597

    Keene 151

    In December of last year I converted my Keene 151 dry washer to a 151s using the conversion kit that keene engineering manufactures. The conversion process took several hours, but was overall fairly simple. The converted unit works exceptionally well compared to the old 151, BUT... This weekend we were continuing bulk sampling at our claim and discovered a huge problem. The first five riffles have a tiny tiny gap between the riffles and the cloth mat. This tiny cap allows small particles of dirt, black sand, and fine GOLD to run down and out of the box. For the last four months I have been finding only pickers which makes sense because the gap is not big enough for larger gold to fall through, only fines. Overall little to no gold. Processed about 35 yards of dirt since the conversion and am thinking all gold could have washed right out of the box. Come to realize we have not been finding many heavies and black sands in our concentrates and before the conversion process, we were finding gold after every run. For the last several months we were questioning our results and I think I know why now. Thinking about glueing the metal riffles to the cloth so dirt can not escape under the riffles like the original unit was. Everything was installed properly during the conversion process. Any thoughts or experiences with the 151s?
  2. Mooch3597

    Commercial Drywasher

    Geowizard, Yes we have done some pretty extensive sampling. We initially found several grams on the property and then staked a small 20 acre claim. We eventually filed a plan of operation so we could use heavy equipment to excavate the hard rocky dirt. From then we have been using a Keene 151 dry washer to do some bulk samples. The purpose of this process is to see if the claim could support a larger operation(large scale dry washer, trommel, etc). Testing has been slow due to work and other activities. Results have been borderline on whether we should scale up or not. We have been finding only course gold which is found inconsistently so it is complicating results. Dry washing can actually be very effective if the unit is set up correctly. We have tested the 151 with fine gold and consistently captured 85% of all gold.
  3. Mooch3597

    Commercial Drywasher

    Thanks for all of the replies. Many desert areas I have seen are pretty spotty so a larger operation probably could not be supported in most circumstances. However, a larger sized dry washer, somewhere around 5+ yph, would be ideal for some desert locations. It could be set up relatively easily and some water could be used for dust control. I have permits to use heavy equipment on a mining claim I have. A small excavator could be used to feed a large scale dry washer very easily. A trommel or other type of recovery system is feasible, but does not make complete economic sense due to having to haul water to the sight. Once an area was worked out, it could be moved to another area easily if it was trailer mounted. I think its worth trying to build a unit with several of the larger dry washers used on the market today, but with little metal working experience, it would be kinda an unrealistic project for me.
  4. Mooch3597

    Commercial Drywasher

    Production Drywasher Looking for any information on a commercial scale dry washer. I have a claim in the Arizona desert with absolutely no water. I have considered hauling in water for a recirculation system, but such a system would be very challenging, and expensive, to set up. A production scale dry washer, 5+ yards an hour, would be the ideal piece of equipment to use at this claim since all water has to be hauled in. Any ideas on how to fabricate or purchase such a thing? Thanks