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    Using A Trommel

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    Metal Detecting In Alaska, Recommended?

    Generally I would say a metal detector should always be part of your arsinel of tools - it can't hurt, it can only help. That being said, do remember that it takes much more patience to hunt for gold that way, especially if you're unfamiliar with the terrain and aren't certain there's stuff to be found. Now, the fact that you'll be in Alaska, I can say that it's going to take much longer with a detector, because there's so much bedrock to get through before the gold is found. I say go ahead and get a detector, but also invest in a good dredge /high banker combo because no matter what you will need something like that to make a profit. Good luck! Edit - please no advertising - its in the conditions you agreed to follow in your sign up.
  3. KaleMack

    Using A Trommel

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