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  1. Hi Geowizard, I'm in the South Island of New Zealand, schist is one of the predominant gold hosts. Well I spent a couple of weeks looking at various points along a 15km stretch of differing textural zone contact, and I think terrane boundary interfaces do make, as the picture shows. Since the contact of the two terranes is not totally vertical but more low angle to almost horizontal as one zone has been forced to slide up and over another, is it possible that any remaining lodes are also flat lying? Regards Kev. Some of the Au found along a raised portion of the terrane boundary.
  2. Thanks Guys for taking the time to reply. An unconformity of sorts is evident in places, I think mainly textural zone schistosity differences. Perhaps I should look for local shears. Best regards Kev.
  3. Hi, I've got a query for one of the resident geologists please. Can the covergence of two tectonostratigraphic terranes (both schists) be considered a contact zone, such that minerial empacement is possible locally along the abutment? Thanks Kev.