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  1. Sampson Resouces


    We roast all of our ore after primary crushing and before pulverizing.
  2. Sampson Resouces

    "flour Gold" Recovery

    geez I feel like this is becoming a marketing topic here.
  3. Sampson Resouces

    Caballo Mts. Nm

    Sad day. My heart goes out to Jameson and his family. Sorry for your loss.
  4. Sampson Resouces

    Does Anyone Here Actually Hard Rock Mine?

    Sounds like a neat place Billy. So far, our operation is about the same. We use SDS hammer drills and buckets as well. We primary crush with a jaw crusher and then screen, then over size reports to the impact mill. We built a small electric screener to speed things up. Once every thing is screened we run it across our shaker table as well.
  5. Sampson Resouces

    Starting A Placer Mining Operation

    I would learn all the mining districts of interest to yourself. For anyone looking at ground knowledge of using the BLM's LR2000 is a must. To use the LR2000 you must understand how the PLSS (public land survey system) works. There are not many maps available using the PLSS (at least in my area). Google Earth is an absolute MUST now days; in my opinion. If you use Google Earth you can add 3rd party software to it, so you can view the PLSS data you need. So once you know the Section (sometimes 1/4sec.), Township, and Range of your area of interest; you can then input the data into the BLM's LR2000. Using the LR2000 you can view any piece of public land in America to see any and ALL mining claim history. You will also be able to find out the most important question at hand, if the land is already claimed or not. If the land is open, you can then prospect it to see if you want to place a claim on the land. Make sure you follow local state and county laws for prospecting. Getting used to the process between Google Earth and the LR2000 can be very confusing if you don't have someone to help you. With practice I have found these tools used together to be THE MOST EFFICIENT way to research ground you may potentially be interested in. If you need any help with it I would be happy to teach you those first two basics.
  6. Sampson Resouces

    Ac To Dc Converter

    Well put Eric.
  7. Sampson Resouces

    Fine Float Gold

    That's pretty much my thoughts too. I wish someone would invent a chemical that did the job, and was biodegradable. Oh well I guess that's only to be desired. Multi-million dollar idea for who does though.
  8. Sampson Resouces

    Ac To Dc Converter

    I work as a low voltage electrician; If you go the battery charger route, make sure you get a higher end one. Some of the cheaper ones have a high voltage/amperage variance, giving the potential to fry more delicate motors. Some generators also have a high variance in voltage/amperage depending on the working conditions and load. The Hondas generally do okay if you have a steady electrical load, but if your equipment has a lot of variance in amperage consumption that can create further stress on your battery charger and whatever it is powering/charging. Electricity can do interesting things if you don't have the proper equipment to regulate it. If you are running expensive motors and equipment from the generator, it might not be a bad idea to get a power conditioner. This is essentially an expensive surge protector with a lot of outlets and precise voltage and amperage management. You can get a good power conditioner from an electronics box store. I use them at work to power expensive home theaters and servers. If you use the power conditioner you can use a cheap battery charger from harbor freight. It all depends on how worried you are about frying your electric motors and electronics from the generator.
  9. Sampson Resouces

    Fine Float Gold

    Your saying an RP-4 catches 300-400 mesh gold? As far as I know those tables were designed for placer mining. I've watched that particular table run hard rock ore and it only caught gold that was in the 150 mesh range, and larger. Not to mention table was dialed in very well. I just don't think they have to working space to catch 400 mesh gold. Honestly very few tables are going to catch gold that small with an acceptable recovery percentage rate. Has anyone tried the "Clay be gone" from Action Mining? If you have tried and used it, would you say it was any better than Jet Dry? I'm guessing it's probably just Jet Dry purchased in bulk and put into a bottle with the label above. Some dish soaps contain random oils in them to keep your soft womanly hands. I would recommend never using a dish soap if you don't have Jet Dry available. Maybe try adding a nice scented bubble bath if you don't have Jet Dry; I'm thinking something with lavender would do the trick just fine. Just kidding.
  10. Sampson Resouces

    Fine Float Gold

    Maybe this is a stupid question since the answer is probably no, but I'll try anyway. So is there any little secret people have learned to help keep fine gold from floating away so easily? I'm talking really fine gold, in the 300-400 mesh range. We run a 4'x8' shaker table with our material classified to -70 mesh, we are currently using Jet Dry added to the water. Any ideas?
  11. Sampson Resouces

    World May Run Out Of Minable Gold In 20 Years

    Interesting topic, it's also interesting following the price of platinum to gold per ounce. Gold has been worth more that platinum only 10% of the time historically. Platinum is an industrial metal, signaling a weak economy when it's price is below gold. Mineable gold? Of course it will run out, not in twenty years. If you research mining companies that trade publically you will find that there is more exploration happening that it seems. South America is a hot spot right now. There is several companies down there exploring new deposits. Nevada also has more than one public company exploring deposits. Ghana has seen a lot of activity as well. Our economy is not on the rise we would like to think it is. The banks are already signaling trouble ahead once again. With the Fed's interest rate as it has been for so long huge companies have been taking out bonds to buy their own stock to make prices rally; as they did all last year. Now the rate increase is coming soon so companies has stopped taking new bonds, and stopped buying their own stock. Hence why the market has suddenly gone sideways these last couple quarters. As soon as this "bubble" takes it's negative down turn, ALL metal prices and commodities will take a huge jump. Then all of the sudden gold will be big news again. So anyways the exploration hasn't stopped, investors are just in an economic cycle that is not favorable to the whole commodities market in general. I honestly think gold will see record highs once again within the 3-5 year range. Minable gold running out in 20 years? That is a foolish idea; there is many new projects underway. We all know it takes 10 years or so to get a hardrock operation into production. By the time our gold has run out here on earth (lets not forget scrap gold) the asteroid miners will have figured out a way.
  12. Sampson Resouces

    Extract Mercury From Gravel!

    What's inside the box? Haha that is the question we all so DESPERATLY want to know!!!!
  13. Sampson Resouces

    Does Anyone Here Actually Hard Rock Mine?

    Well here's something exciting since the hardrock forum is quiet. My partner and I stumbled upon boxes and boxes of core drill samples in our mine. They are from Canada's Kinross Gold Corp. All in all there is probably 1000' or so within all the different boxes. Who knows if any of the cores even made it out of the mine. I suspect some must have gone out. Every box is labeled with the location and tags on each core. We can then find the respective tag in the walls of the drifts. So now the process of carefully getting them out of the mine has begun, interesting how much more work it takes to get the cores out than hauling plain old ore. Now we get to assay all these cores and hope for some good results. I recently connected with a former employee of the mine in 1999; he says the place was assayed out to have 50,000 ounces. Then Kinross leased the mine and began further drilling. I assume the deposit was to small for them to keep an interest. But for us we feel we got a small leg up and are pretty excited. I will keep you guys updated. We also have a channel on you tube with a few videos showing a bit of our operations. Search Sampson Resources.
  14. Sampson Resouces


    SSN is Saturated Saline (salt water), Nitric Acid. I won't mention the product name on here because it seems the administrators get a little worked up over things like that; but if you do a google search for "field gold test kit," the very first couple of results feature the kit. Be very careful to use the kit in a very well ventilated area, and make sure you get arm length chemical grade gloves. The acids involved will burn your skin and your lungs if proper precautions are not taken. For your testing containers never use anything other than plastic (not the brittle type), glass or ceramic. Do a lot of research, as much as you can. If you have any other questions let me know.
  15. Sampson Resouces


    We have been testing ores from our mine with a SSN leach. We have sulfides present in our ore and the SSN seems to do okay. There is even an inexpensive test kit available that uses SSN to leach and stannous chloride as a color indicator. You can get the kit for $40. If you get positive results it is easy to make the leach yourself under the proper safety precautions. Then you can use zinc to recover the values.