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    Sampson Resouces got a reaction from Ronald C in World May Run Out Of Minable Gold In 20 Years   
    Interesting topic, it's also interesting following the price of platinum to gold per ounce.  Gold has been worth more that platinum only 10% of the time historically.  Platinum is an industrial metal, signaling a weak economy when it's price is below gold.  Mineable gold?  Of course it will run out, not in twenty years.  If you research mining companies that trade publically you will find that there is more exploration happening that it seems.  South America is a hot spot right now.  There is several companies down there exploring new deposits.  Nevada also has more than one public company exploring deposits.  Ghana has seen a lot of activity as well.  Our economy is not on the rise we would like to think it is.  The banks are already signaling trouble ahead once again.  With the Fed's interest rate as it has been for so long huge companies have been taking out bonds to buy their own stock to make prices rally; as they did all last year.  Now the rate increase is coming soon so companies has stopped taking new bonds, and stopped buying their own stock.  Hence why the market has suddenly gone sideways these last couple quarters.  As soon as this "bubble" takes it's negative down turn, ALL metal prices and commodities will take a huge jump.  Then all of the sudden gold will be big news again.  So anyways the exploration hasn't stopped, investors are just in an economic cycle that is not favorable to the whole commodities market in general.  I honestly think gold will see record highs once again within the 3-5 year range.  Minable gold running out in 20 years?  That is a foolish idea;  there is many new projects underway.  We all know it takes 10 years or so to get a hardrock operation into production.  By the time our gold has run out here on earth (lets not forget scrap gold)  the asteroid miners will have figured out a way.
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    Sampson Resouces got a reaction from Joe B in Fine Float Gold   
    That's pretty much my thoughts too.  I wish someone would invent a chemical that did the job, and was biodegradable.  Oh well I guess that's only to be desired.  Multi-million dollar idea for who does though. 
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    Sampson Resouces reacted to Geowizard in Gold Mirror Test For Gold   
    Basement Chemistry for the Prospector;
    Dr. A. K. Williams created a website devoted to understanding chemistry for prospectors. The website is/was called "Prospectors Paradise". www.prospectorsparadise.com
    The website contains many useful and informative pages including a page on "Halides". Although it doesn't address this topic directly, it will help in understanding the chemical process involved in using Iodine to extract gold.
    My understanding is that Doc Williams suffered a fatal concussion as the result of a fall in his home. He should long be remembered as a great writer that brought chemistry to a level of understanding for the average prospector.
    - Geowizard
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    Sampson Resouces reacted to Geowizard in Large Gold Sand Deposit That Pays $8 A Yard - Worth Presuing?   
    $8.00 Deposit model;
    The large scale production required for $8.00 placer gold demands a large deposit.
    Considering the volume at 200 yards per hour and 2000 yards per day, to recover $1,000,000 profit on a $500,000 investment, at $10,000 per day net, makes the deposit size 100 x 2000 = 200,000 cubic yards.
    Note: Investment in capital equipment for mining leaves the equipment paid for and $1,000,000 in the bank.
    $8,00 x 200,000 = 1,6 million Gross revenue. $100,000 is paid out over the 100 day production campaign.
    - Geowizard
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    Sampson Resouces reacted to Eric N in Large Gold Sand Deposit That Pays $8 A Yard - Worth Presuing?   
    Got a few opinions, but no experience to base those opinions on.
    I imagine you are correct about the cost factor.
    I just know that sluices are really cost effective.
    I doubt that a jig would work on the size of gold found in sand deposits.
    The others are probably quite cost effective once scaled up to some minimum required feed rate.
    You said this was a fossilized sand placer. Is it sandstone or just sand glued together with clay?
    Maybe you should determine how many yards you can move in a day and what your budget is. Then decide from there.
    I'm thinking at least 1 and maybe more inhabitants of this website had dreamed big once or twice their own selves. Okay, it was me.
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    Sampson Resouces reacted to billygold in Does Anyone Here Actually Hard Rock Mine?   
    We have a hard rock mine in Montana and we have got a lot of our small scale equipment from Jason and his dad at MBMMLLC.(Mount Baker Mining & Metals LLC) We bought one of their first shaker tables and impact mills to use to process some of our old mine dumps for free gold. Our mine has small pockets of high grade ore with fairly large chunky gold. So far, all we have been doing is locating these pockets with metal detectors and using hand tools (impact drills, hammers, chisels, and a micro blaster) to chip out the ore that shows visible gold and packing this ore out in 5 gal. buckets. We crush the ore, pick out the larger chunks of gold, then re-run the picked material through a smaller jaw crusher, the impact mill and then onto the shaker table to recover the finer gold. So far we have recovered 50.2 ounces. In order to step up production we would have to clean up the tunnels so we could blast and move out material in small ore carts. But for now we'll continue to look for those places that the early miners missed. We are operating under a Small Miner Exclusion which lets us do just about anything as long as we don't disturb more that 5 acres on the surface and reclaim any areas that we do disturb. No other permits are required for the type of mining that we are presently doing. 
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    Sampson Resouces reacted to bill-costa rica in Does Anyone Here Actually Hard Rock Mine?   
    try these guys, they are in the PNW . they do all different kinds of mining and building stuff for mining. they will be able to give you the right answers
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    Sampson Resouces reacted to Reno Chris in Starting A Placer Mining Operation   
    Start very small and build up slowly, learning as you go. Don't spend huge amounts of money before you gain the experience to find gold. You wont have a TV program paying all your bills, and if you lose your money, its gone. Too many are in a big rush to strike it rich, and start out by spending loads and figuring they will learn what they need to know later. Later is often too late - or never happens at all. Learn the trade of finding gold first - because no type of equipment actually finds gold - you have to find it and your equipments helps you recover it. If the gravel you put in a trommel has no gold, no gold will come out. You have to find the gold and run it through your equipment. Prospecting is a skill and a trade to be learned. Practice and study and you will learn in time. 
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    Sampson Resouces reacted to Robert Thomasson in Ac To Dc Converter   
    A lot of the automatic car battery chargers have a built-in voltage sensor that detects the battery voltage. They won't put out any current unless they're connected to a battery. An older manual battery charger should work. Or you could buy a 10 Amp 12 Volt DC power supply but it might be expensive.
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    Sampson Resouces reacted to Eric N in Ac To Dc Converter   
    Standard DC motors can handle over-voltage pretty well. As an example, many farmers converted their old 6 volt tractors to 12 volt and kept the 6 volt starter. Where DC motors run into serious problems is under-voltage. The motor will attempt to provide the required power but at the cost of increased amperage. Go too far under-voltage and the amperage increases beyond the capacity of the motor's wiring capacity and the wire melts. This is the reason for using fuses sized to the load.
    Typically any motor that was built for 12 volt vehicle use will run just fine on a battery charger. Starter motors excepted as they were designed for intermittent use; start the engine and then shut off. Windshield washer motors tend to be the most dependable and they come with a gear reduction unit built in. Bilge pumps are as handy as pockets on pants especially for re-circ operations where the water is substantially less than potable.
    The cheapest and easiest power conditioner is a 12 volt battery with an amp/hour capacity equal to the load. Even an old worn out car battery will work good enough.
    Just remember you are dealing with battery acid and hydrogen gas when using standard batteries. I don't recommend SLA batteries. Higher cost, shorter life and lower amp/hour capacity per weight.
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    Sampson Resouces reacted to Reno Chris in 1/3 Ounce Of Nuggets From Northern Nevada   
    Here is a bit of gold I have got on a couple recent trips to the northern Nevada goldfields - Been a really wet last 6 weeks or so up this way with thundershowers and lightning on many days. The total weight for this gold is about ten grams, or roughly 1/3rd of an ounce. The bigger pieces were found with Minelab's GPZ 7000, while the smaller stuff, mostly to the right side of the photo, was taken with their SDC 2300 - both very definitely have their place for the types of detecting I do. I've had rain shortened days prospecting where I had to sit in my car and wait out a storm, etc. and some partial days that were spent with some time prospecting but some time driving back and forth to the gold fields and later returning home. I'd say this gold represents the equivalent of about 5 full days of prospecting.

    I wish I could claim the biggest piece was some faint warble of a signal that I had the talent and skills to hear and identify, but it was a loud booming target less than an inch deep that any metal detector could have heard. When it boomed through my earphones I was sure it was trash, but I dug it and in much of northern Nevada there is not a lot of trash. The second swing of my pick a dirt clod flipped over and the big nugget was shining back at me. That was a nice feeling!

    Good gold is still out there, it just takes some work, persistence and a bit of luck - and sometimes you need some patience while waiting for the thunderstorms to stop.

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    Sampson Resouces reacted to Harry Lipke in Fine Float Gold   
    You may be right on that size?  I never measured it. All I know is that it is small and a lot of it is like paste
    When I put it in a pan I need Jet Dry or it all floats away.
    This was crushed ore.
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    Sampson Resouces reacted to Ronald C in Extract Mercury From Gravel!   
    Interesting. What is inside the box?
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    Sampson Resouces got a reaction from Ronald C in Extract Mercury From Gravel!   
    What's inside the box?  Haha that is the question we all so DESPERATLY want to know!!!!
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    Sampson Resouces reacted to Frank Tillman in World May Run Out Of Minable Gold In 20 Years   
    I think It's more that they see lower prices in the future, $1,200 is a good price for an ounce of gold. If they
    can't make a profit at $1,200 corruption and incompetence is the reason. They think the future will likely have
    lower prices and are afraid to overly commit right now.
    I think there will be much  lower prices and most will go out of business. We are in an economic preimplosion stage,
    you ain't seen nothing yet.
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    Sampson Resouces got a reaction from FreeGoldFanatic in Does Anyone Here Actually Hard Rock Mine?   
    Hey everyone, please don't feel disrespect by my post here.  I am reaching out for any member who runs a hard rock mine.  I have asked a lot of questions on this forum and had some good advice too.  UNFORTUNEATLY I have also been given and read incorrect facts on this site that members have posted.
    First of all I'm obviously not an admin to this site, but I ask as a group lets not answer questions if we don't truly know the correct answers, or maybe; be more clear that what you are stating is your opinion or idea.
    I am in the middle of getting my own hard rock mine into small production.  As any of you may know from experience this a VERY VERY bumpy road from every aspect of this industry; thus why so many of us have failed before.  I am really looking to connect with an individual, or individuals who has successfully been down the path I have chosen.  I am NOT asking someone to hold my hand,  but just someone who would be willing to talk to me on a personal level and educate me on some of your own experiences in dealing with different entities, equipment, problems and successes related to running a hard rock mine.  Please share your knowledge with me I am a very active learner and will not take an opportunity to talk with you for granted.
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    Sampson Resouces reacted to Harry Lipke in Does Anyone Here Actually Hard Rock Mine?   
    I think this is the one......
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    Sampson Resouces reacted to chickenminer in Black Damp   
    Sampson.. here is one for under $300
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    Sampson Resouces reacted to Harry Lipke in Does Anyone Here Actually Hard Rock Mine?   
    Not to steer you away but maybe in the right direction, I think there is a hard rock forum in Canada??
    Anyone know what it is?
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    Sampson Resouces reacted to chickenminer in Does Anyone Here Actually Hard Rock Mine?   
       This is a public forum. People post their opinions based on their observations/ life experiences.
     In many cases when someone asks a question they are purposely vague about details. This does not
    help in answering their question.
      Sometimes not purposely, but the questioner lacks understanding and gives misleading information
    in the initial question.
     Good luck with your project.
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    Sampson Resouces reacted to Clay in Lode Vs. Placer ?   
    Are you suggesting that your idea that placer claims can be made over lode claims comes from some law known to you? Yet you refrain from sharing this knowledge?
    I have no problem with citing the law of the land. Being this is a Republic the law is by and for the people. There are no secret laws in a Republic and it is the right and duty of the citizens of the republic to know and discuss the law.
    The 1872 Mining Act Section 3:
    I've already shared one of the many Supreme Court decisions that firmly and consistently state that any valid location has an exclusive right to the locatable minerals within. It's a very old principle of law that the possessory interest of a mineral locator is valid against subsequent locators. This principle is much older than the 1872 Act.
    Here is the total text of the earlier 1865 Mining Act stating the very same principle:
    This is well established law. If you, or anyone else, believes otherwise it would be incumbent on you as Citizen's of a Republic to correct my cites on this very public forum. We all have a right to know and understand the law.
    I hope you will contribute what you may to this discussion of the principle laws governing mineral locations.
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    Sampson Resouces reacted to Geowizard in Ebay Chinese Jaw Crusher   
    - Geowizard
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    Sampson Resouces reacted to Robert Thomasson in Ebay Chinese Jaw Crusher   
    Chris, that's understood and thanks for the explanation.  I hope that Sampson Resources comes back.  Decades ago I lived in what was then a small town with no radio station (Mammoth Lakes, CA).  One of the local residents went to great expense and effort to get the proper equipment and licenses to start a station. After literally years went by he was finally all set up and ready to Rock 'n Roll.  However, it turned out that advertisers wanted to decree what type of music the station played.  So, he was faced with the choice of going out of business after all his effort, or playing what the advertisers wanted, which was very close to elevator music.  Unfortunately it's the old case of who has the gold makes the rules and the advertisers have the gold.
    About the no advertising rule, it's a little bit vague.  Advertising to me means a link to a product or service that I'm profiting from.  In the recent case, I think he was  just pointing out a product that he had no connection with, although there may be advertisers who sell similar products and this was a conflict.  Maybe the rule could be re-worded to make it more specific and clear. 
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    Sampson Resouces reacted to FreeGoldFanatic in Ebay Chinese Jaw Crusher   
    Yes Sampson.  Unfortunately the desire for advertising fees by this Journal trump open discussion about specific equipment (brand names and models disclosed) that we have or may consider buying.  What is needed is a Consumer Reports for Mining Equipment where equipment costs, benefits, advantages, dis-advantages, recommendations, testimonies can be openly discussed and information exchanged between miners. 
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    Sampson Resouces reacted to chickenminer in Need A Sample Drill Rig In Fairbanks?   
      Glad you got that drill. I'm sure you guys will make good use of it.
    I managed to get the use of a track mounted auger drill for next year.
    Nice drill with 60' of 7" stem. That should be deep enough for most of
    my ground.