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  1. Jimmy10

    Oregon Gold Mining Standoff With Blm

    I hope it all get's worked out, hopefully don't end up like the Bundy Ranch almost did. Sounded kind of harry.
  2. What is going on? Does anyone have info on this? Is there anyone with info on the situation in Oregon? Oregon gold mining standoff with the BLM. at the historic Calice creek. This sounds pretty serious, and could really affect all miners.
  3. Harry, I wish your comment had not been deleted, I can only but wonder what it was now. Thanks for the info
  4. Underburden, less because it forced me to do some more extensive research Geo, I totally get it. And I will enjoy myself while I still can. I hope it don't offend anyone, but our liberties are being taken away at a faster rate than ever, and all I can say is God help us all.
  5. Geo- Whoa. I guess I should come clean, I am new to this whole thing, like I said I just bought a claim in Idaho, I have never owned a claim before, I am a GREENHORN even though I am 56 years old, 20 years in the service, 10 years in the coal mines, and built a few homes in my lifetime. Having worked in the coal mines, (I know it is not gold mining) we had to deal with the feds and the state all of the time, there was always grey areas as there is I am finding out on the surface also. I am not saying I am going to Idaho and rape the land and the heck with the laws and rules that are put in place for the protection of all of our rights. That is what I am doing here, I want to be a good steward to the land have a long awaited vacation and have a little fun. But my intention is NOT to bring negative attention to the gold mining process. Which is exactly why I am here I want to learn from some experience miners, which I believe you are an experienced miner, as you are in all the threads I have read and it seems that you have a vast knowledge of all of the topics. Having said that I hope you understand that I am not here to get with like minded people and am going to do what I want anyway. As I have stated previously the laws are very vague in their writing, what info you can find on this vast WWW. it is so unclear I thought I should talk to some people who have been there. I have watched many videos on gold mining trying to find out info on the subject, there is nothing I could find. so here I am. My plan is to visit my claim this year, prospect, with hand panning techniques, see if there is any gold in the creek and which with what I have been able to find out I think there is. Next year I will permit for small dredging operation, LOI, with all the people I am supposed to pay my fees etc. I am also thinking of relocating to the area if I find gold or not. And maybe apply to be forest fire fighter, I see that they are looking for ex military. As for being too old I don't know, but I work most 20 year old's in the dirt. Jim.
  6. Ok actually I don't see anywhere in the laws that I have to submit a LOI to visit my claim and do some panning, prospecting areas of my claim as long as I am being a good steward of the land. Just as everyday driving, sometimes I don't use my signal when turning, if no one is behind or in front, sometimes I don't make a complete stop at a stop sign. Does that make me a bad driver? Just like when a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it does it make a sound, YES it does. Now does that tree that fell in the woods impact the environment, YES it does. But in a good way, animal, plant life, insects, and people also benefit from the death of that tree. The negative impact of that tree falling is the increased chance of a forest fire, But then the argument is' does fire cause a negative impact on the environment, as it is very beneficial to the to the environment. So then is it not that the human is the only one negatively impacted if they happen to have a home or business in that area affected by the fire. So back to the original question, Do I need a permit to go to my claim and prospect it using hand operated prospecting tools: A: no Do I need a Permit to set up a high bank operation, using a motorized/battery operated means of getting the water from the creek to the high banker: A: yes/no Do I need to submit a LOI to the BLM Land Manager to enter and prospect my claim Hand operated machinery only: A: NO How did I do? .
  7. Thanks Geo Wizard, Harry, and Diggingbar. I will play it by ear then, No wonder our government cannot work together, there are so many laws that contradict other laws.
  8. Thanks Bob, I guess I will live in the grey area than. I kind of know how the government works as I did 20 years in the Military (Navy), I guess some things don't change. I won't be too hidden though my claim is right off the road, easy access.
  9. I just bought a claim in Idaho, North Central, Clearwater Nat. Forest BLM land I am trying to find out what kind of permit if any needed to prospect on the claim. All I am seeing is info on Dredging permit requirements, I don't want to get out there and find out I need a permit. Also, I was told that to use a high banker I need to run the tailings into a depression so the water will filter into the stream, is this correct? Was also told this is a grey area. I would appreciate any info, if anyone could please help. Thanks