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  1. johnedoe

    Extremely Fine Gold Recovery

    I know this is an older thread but here are a couple of possibilities for those that are still around and reading this. You might consider this technique developed by Randy Clarkson. http://yukon-news.com/business/new-gizmo-could-help-placer-miners-snag-lost-gold/ About as simple as it gets. Another system would be the Cleangold system. http://www.cleangold.com/cleangold/home.html
  2. johnedoe

    Ground Penetrating Radar

    Well gee if it was on Gold Rush it must be useful..... about as useful as the useful idiots on that program...... I have to agree with Geowizard.... get and learn how to use a good metal detector. VLF or PI.... both have their place in prospecting.
  3. johnedoe

    Hand Held Gps

    Remember the fancier it is the more battery hungry it is... color screens take a lot of juice. I have an older Magellan with a monochrome screen, it's accurate and pretty conservative with the batteries.
  4. johnedoe

    "flour Gold" Recovery

    If this is still in the works contact me through this forum and we will set up further communication.
  5. johnedoe

    "flour Gold" Recovery

    Did this request ever go anywhere..... Was the placer proved out?