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    johnedoe got a reaction from Geowizard in Ground Penetrating Radar   
    Well gee if it was on Gold Rush it must be useful..... about as useful as the useful idiots on that program......
    I have to agree with Geowizard.... get and learn how to use a good metal detector. VLF or PI.... both have their place in prospecting.
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    johnedoe got a reaction from Geowizard in Hand Held Gps   
    Remember the fancier it is the more battery hungry it is... color screens take a lot of juice. I have an older Magellan with a monochrome screen, it's accurate and pretty conservative with the batteries.
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    johnedoe reacted to Gary Canning in Seeking Divers For Proposed Tv Docuseries   
    I can't imagine any legitimate miner wanting to have a TV camera stuck in his face.