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  1. jasong

    New Contest: Can You Recognize Gold?

    Cool thanks, great contest Chris. Looks like the trophy stays in the US this round if only by a whisker.
  2. I don't think they are, it's all sand out there, not many cobbles. They had a big dryland dredge out there 100 years ago and the tailings piles are about 4ft tall now since they mostly blew away. Looks like the sandstone its derived from is an old fossil ocean beach to me. I'm not sure how they make a profit, those towers look like they cost quite a bit.. It kind looked like one was an elutration tower and one was a spiral gravity separator but I can't remember exactly. There are a few gravel plants in Colorado that just ignore the gold entirely because the gravel is more profitable. Only reason I know that is because I tried convincing them to let me put a sluice in somewhere or work the bottom of the sandscrew tank (no luck).
  3. There is a medium scale mining operation working on the fossil placer by the CO/WY border near the Little Snake River using those big spiral separators and recycling their water. They look to be about 30ft tall. I've tested that general area in the past and it's about the same tenor, $5-$10/yd and its all sand, almost no cobbles. Anyways, not sure where you are at, but it sounds like you are looking at pretty similar conditions so if you are nearby to them you might stop by and see if they are talkative and have some lessons learned they are willing to share. Doesn't look incredibly profitable to me, but who knows.
  4. jasong

    Crushing And Milling

    My Gold Cube catches 99% of the chain filings from my impact mill so I'm guessing the "middlings" would get caught just as well since they are similar or greater density than steel. In the instances I've had pyrites in the ore it definitely catches it but I haven't measured efficiency on them since I don't process the sulfides but I don't see many in the tailings. I tried a lot of different sluice setups with varying degrees of success until someone recommended the Gold Cube and it has worked the best, was worried about speed but it processes a 4" impact mill output pretty steadily, any faster and it bogs the chains down.
  5. jasong

    What Qualifies As Assessment Work?

    Sampling your claim may or may not count depending who you talk to. I ran into an issue with a claim in Colorado I own where the Lakewood office (which is the BLM national headquarters) told me my assessment work didn't count. The claims adjudicator told me they have been letting people slide for years because they didn't have time to enforce "proper assessment" but that eventually they will be enforcing it and some claims may be lost. I can't remember the particulars but it was something like she said she'd let sampling go for 1 year but the next year I had to assess something different. This was 3 years ago and I no longer hold that claim. But IIRC it was something to the effect that sampling had to be done in form of a geophysical (or other) survey and you must provide receipts and have formatted results of the survey to provide if asked. And you can't do it every year and have it satisfy the assessment requirements. The woman told me that sample panning my claim was not assessment and unless I was a professional geologist or surveyor my work didn't count. I asked the field office geologist if that was correct and he said it wasn't up to him and the claims adjudicators make the decisions. She also told me that lots of things that the clubs were using like "cleaning trash" or stuff like that were not going to count anymore and the things like rebuilding roads or cutting trees require permits and eventually proof of those permits will be requested if that type of assessment is used. I don't remember all the particulars so I may be off on something they said. But if what they told me is to be believed and you read the assessment requirements, most of things people put down for assessment when you view the records at the county clerk do not meet the BLM's requirements, I guess they still just don't enforce them.
  6. jasong

    New Contest: Can You Recognize Gold?

    1. yes 11. yes 21. yes 2. no 12. no 22. yes 3. yes 13. yes 23. no 4. no 14. no 24. no 5. yes 15. yes 25. yes 6. yes 16. yes 26. no 7. yes 17, yes 27. no 8. yes 18. yes 28. yes 9. no 19. no 29. no 10. no 20. no 30. no