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  1. assumed37

    Starting A Placer Mining Operation

    Wow, Thank you everyone for the very good replies, I'll take all of the information that you gave me during my continued research. I do not want to jump straight into this business but do all of my research. It will honestly be next year or even 2007 before I get everything together. I am going to build most of the equipment because I have a welding machine and heavy equipment to build most of the equipment. Most likely build most of what I can out of Aluminum since it is so much lighter. I think, at least in my mind, the place I need to start is with the equipment, and then look for the good land. So full Operation, looks like it would be around the 2018 season, maybe 2017 if I can manage to get all of the equipment built and tested before then, while trying to work a full time job back home.
  2. assumed37

    Starting A Placer Mining Operation

    Thank you very much, That was the most motivating reply that I have ever received on a gold forum. I am very frugal by nature, so it will not be hard to accept your advice. I only need a good piece of land to get started with. I know that My family will not approve because they do not accept it as a legitimate business. However, I do not care what they think, I have to try. This has been my dream ever since I started watching the gold fever show back when I was a kid. I have litreally seen every episode haha. (yes, I was a kid when it started coming on TV) Instead of following my dream straight out of highschool, I enlisted in the military and have been on two deployments. Now, my enlistment is running out and I think this is the best time to finally follow my dream. I have had people tell me that I need to stay in for the retirement because I am almost half way. The truth is, if you don't enjoy what you are doing, what is the point in wasting your life? You only get one shot at it, (as far as we know). I am willing to learn from anyone here that is willing to give advice! I am also willing to work for anyone here that is willing to let me work for you! I am no stranger to very long work hours, trust me, I am deployed right now! If I have to get my own claim myself and do all of the work, that is fine too, I have a considerable amount of money saved for that as well. I just need someone to point me in the right direction. Is plumas county a good place to start? if not, why? Are there too many reugulations? Where should I start? What should I start with? I am willing to give percentages to anyone that helps!! seriously!!
  3. Hello everyone, I think that there should be a "newbie" section on this forum so everyone that wants to get into gold can go there instead of asking the same questions over and over again. I have found some of the answers that I needed in the other parts of this forum, but not all of them To get started, it has been a dream of mine to start a placer mining operation and one day move to a lode mining operation. I just have a few problems and one of them being I am a newbie. I do have experience operating machinery and equipment because I grew up in a ship yard in the Gulf Coast. (The same ship yard that built the Cornelia Marie) However, that doesn't mean that I will be successful at mining for gold. I figured that I could get started by having a small placer operation to get a feel for what I am doing and if I make well enough money at that, then I would expand the operation to a larger scale placer mine. The first question that everyone asks is can people make money at starting a placer mine. I see this question all over the internet and I instantly seeing the old timers coming out and telling the newbies that it can't be done or it isn't as easy as you think. That may be true, but the other truth is that someone out there is making a living pulling gold out of the earth on a small and big scale. The next question is where to get started. I would like to get a claim in Alaska to start out because there is more virgin ground there; however, the seasons are short compared to the lower 48. So I think it would be wise to start in the south. Second, California has strict laws and they don't allow dredging, at least for now. Maybe Arizona? So where would the best place be to get a claim that has long seasons or seasons that go year round? My choice would be somewhere in Plumas county, but like I said, the laws are restrictive. So if I did go to Cali, I would be restricted to trammels and highbankers. Next, what is the best type of operation to start with? Dredging, highbanking, or trammel? At first, I would start off doing the work by hand for the latter two, but then get equipment to move more dirt. But I have read that there is nothing better than dredging for getting the gold out of the river and not disturbing as much dirt like you would if you used equipment to dig the river out. I do have money to put into this operation, but I will obviously be trying to save it wherever I can. I would like for this to not be a hobby but a way of living, a lifestyle. I am not hurting for money or a job, but I went to a gold camp in Alabama a few years back and have had the fever ever since. Opinions anyone? I really am serious about this.