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  1. What Are The Rules For purchasing dynamite? Hard Rock Bob
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    Caballo Mts. Nm

    Howdy All! I've heard the Caballo Mountains near Hatch, New Mexico are extremely rich in gold. In fact, it's where Willie Doughit found the legendary treasure of the Bandit Priest. He was 18 years old when he was knocking down an old, adobe shack and he found an ancient map hidden within one of its walls. Later, he used the map to uncover the rich treasure. I found a video on a website titled: "The Gold House", where he talks about how he and his partner Buster had sold a bunch of gold and they tried to hop a freight train to Brownsville, TX. Unfortunately, his friend was intoxicated and he fell from the train. Willie said his partner had lost both of his legs and he eventually died in the hospital. So I can see how two treasure hunters would take unnecessary chances to uncover a rich cache of gold. Sadly, in this recent attempt, one man lost his life. At least he died doing what he loved and not from the dreary, every day routine of trying to survive in a stagnant economy, working an under paid job, you probably hate, to gain that all mighty sawbuck. After all, it's always been said that "Gold Carries A Curse". Hardrock Bob
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    Where To Get Dynamite: What are the requirements to purchase dynamite and where can I buy a case of explosives here in Arizona? Hardrock Bob