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    2017 Plans

    Most of Elk creek that is on state land got worked pretty heavy, for one reason is that the old timers had enough room to divert the creek to one side and mine that material, then divert the water to the other side and get the rest. The better places to dredge are where the creek narrows in the canyon, also the gold gets concentrated better there because it doesn't get widely dispersed naturally. Another reason the narrows are better is because of large boulders which the old timers were less inclined to move, in fact most of the good paying ground I have found anywhere in Boise Basin had problems, either large boulders or lack of water. Dean who I spoke of had much of Elk creek staked on fed and state land a few years ago, but he was in bad health the last time I saw him, so I hoped you may have met him and maybe knew his status. He is a very nice man and would let you dredge his ground for the small fee of just showing him the gold that you found. My girlfriend is coming up from Marsing tomorrow so I think we will take a drive up there and have a look around. JD
  2. Gambrinus

    2017 Plans

    Do you have a claim on Elk creek? Do you know Dean from Utah? I have really been out of touch on mining around here but have always liked the Elk creek area and I have some knowledge about it. Maybe we could hook up sometime, it would be fun for me too just get out and look around. I am in recovery from rotator cuff surgery and I am not trying to horn in on your operation or jump your claim, I just really enjoy gold mining and wish it would pay wages enough to call that my job but I haven't found that to be the case for me.
  3. Gambrinus

    2017 Plans

    JR BOI, Yes too smokey to be outside doing much of anything. I moved here in 1980, back when there were "Old Timers" miners still alive and I was dredging on Elk Creek with a 6" dredge, just 1/2 mile north of town. How times have changed. In fact that is the reason I gave up dredging, because of all the insane laws. But I do hope you continue and have good luck.
  4. Gambrinus

    2017 Plans

    What area are you working in Idaho and are you having any luck? I live in the Idaho City area, but do to medical issues I haven't been able to get my gold pan wet this year.
  5. Is it practical to use a detector in a highly mineralized area? I understand that a good detector would be needed but I don't know the limits.
  6. Gambrinus

    Eluvial Placers

    Does anyone have experience with gold recovery in eluvial deposits? I do not want to crush it, but to make it even harder, water is a problem. So I also wonder about dry washers, but if that is the answer, I hope they make dry washers without the dust, but I doubt they have that problem fixed. My experience is a sluice box will load up easily, because the gravel is angular and not rounded, but any ideas at all will be welcome.
  7. Gambrinus

    Storing Items On Mining Claim

    After rereading your question and my post, I felt the need to add, that asking someone else what their experience with the law, will differ depending on who enforces that law.
  8. Gambrinus

    Storing Items On Mining Claim

    Maybe this will help. Look up Plumas County CA. laws or regulations if that is okay then UFSF Laws are BLM laws as far as I am concerned, or so I have been told. If BLM. laws are okay with that then the powers that controll us are in your favour. Usually the courts will favour the county or state laws, because setting a precedent in the law is a lengthy and costly process. In my opinion, get the USFS or the BLM personnell person to get involved in your intentions. Get their name, badge number and make friends with them. They are doing their job and so are you. Honey is better than vinegar.
  9. Gambrinus

    Detecting In A Highly Mineralized Area

    Great link Steve, thank you again. It looks like you are wearing a detector harness, can you tell me pros or cons about wearing one?
  10. Gambrinus

    What Qualifies As Assessment Work?

    Examples of Work That Qualify As Assessment Work A building that benefits and improves the claim. Bryan V. McCraig, 10 Colo 309, 15 P 413 (1887). Reasonable value of meals to miners who receive board in addition to salary. Fredricks v. Klauser, 52 Or 110; 96 P 679 (1908). Value of blasting supplies. Id. Construction of road to mining claim. U.S. v. 9,947.71 Acres of land, More or less, in Clark County, State of Nev., 220 F. Supp. 328 (DC Nev 1963); Silliman v. Powell, Utah 642 P2d 388, 393 (1982). Maintenance of access roads to mining claim. Pinkerton v. Moore, 66 NM 11, 340 P2d 844 (1959). Sinking shafts and running tunnels or drifts. James v. Krook, 42 Ariz 322 (1933). Installation of mining machinery or fixtures. Id. Employment of a watchman when necessary to protect structures or property used in developing a claim. Ingersolt v. Scott, 13 Ariz 165, 108 P 460 (1910). Drilling and removal of samples from a mining claim. Eveleigh v. Darneille, 81 Cal Reptr 301 (Cal App 1969). Examples of Work or Improvements That Do Not Qualify As Annual Labor on a Mining Claim Removal of water from a mine for inspection of prospective buyer. Evalina Gold Mining Co. v. Yosemite Gold Mine Co., 15 Cal App 714, 115 P 946 (1911). Erection of a house outside the boundaries of a claim for the shelter of miners. Remington v. Baudit, 6 Mont 138, 9 P 819 (1886). Eating utensils, groceries, and bedding. Fredricks v. Klauser, 52 Or 110, 96 P 679 (1908). Amount paid for horses used in development work; however value of their use will qualify. Id. Payment for iron rails or tools, but their value in developing the mine may qualify. Id. Material taken to a claim but not used. Id. Sampling and assaying. Bishop v. Baisley, 28 Or 119, 41 P936 (1895). Reconnaissance surveys of mining claims. Pinkerton v. Moore, 66 NM 11, 340 P2d 844 (1959). Use of a claim to deposit wastes from other claims and building a flume to carry tailings to claim. Jackson v. Roby, 109 US 440 (1883). Employment of a watchman to prevent relocation. Justice Mining Co. v. Barclay, 82 F 554 (CC Nev 1897); or where there is no valuable improvement or machinery to protect. James v. Krook, 42 Ariz 322, 25 P2d 1026 (1933). Access Roads and Qualifies The construction of access roads as well as improvement of existing access roads qualifies as assessment work, even though the road is not on the claims. For example, the cost of installation of water bars on an existing road to prevent erosion and reduce the need to rehabilitate or maintain the road is sufficient improvement to qualify as assessment work. United States v Herr, 130 IBLA 349, 365-65 (1994). #9 Work that will qualify and # 7 work that will not qualify. May need another court case to sort that out as far as sampling is concerned. I think the biggest problem you would have, is if someone wants your claim for themselves, but not so much by the BLM.
  11. Gambrinus

    Detecting In A Highly Mineralized Area

    Thank you Steve, that is a simple yet very imformative explanation on coils. I love pictures. And thanx for the tip about downloads off the site, now I know what to look for when I am on their site.
  12. Gambrinus

    Detecting In A Highly Mineralized Area

    Does anyone know a good book or link on how to operate a high tech. detector? GPX preferably.
  13. Gambrinus

    Detecting In A Highly Mineralized Area

    Sounds good to me Mike, can you tell me what dd and mono means or what the difference is?
  14. Gambrinus

    Weather Turning Cooler And Wetter

    JR BOI is that pic of the trommel on the middle fork of the Boise river?
  15. Gambrinus

    Weather Turning Cooler And Wetter

    1" rebar is exactly what I had in mind or I should say what I found in the scrap pile, I like the 2" ball idea. I had to leave my metal lathe in Idaho or making a ball and the bottom concave part of the mortar would be easy, so instead I will have to find something else. I think some front wheel hubs have a flat bottom but the corners are rounded which would help. I now have a good excuse to go to the nearest scrap yard.
  16. Gambrinus

    Detecting In A Highly Mineralized Area

    Yes the GPX 5000 seems to have all the right bells and whistles. Can you tell me the difference between the dd coil and the mono coil? I think I will try and forget anything I knew about detecting, unless the price of square nails and bottle caps go up.
  17. Gambrinus

    Weather Turning Cooler And Wetter

    I am starting my preps to prospect here in Az. So bring on the cold and wet. I do need to make a mortar and pestle on account of being so poor due to health conditions. I guess what really hurts is that I used to work for a company/friend that made portable hand carry hammer mills for prospecting. But they are long gone now and I didn't want one then. 20/20 hindsight hurts sometimes.
  18. Gambrinus

    Dredgeing In Az

    diggingbar I don't have a problem understanding CFR 3809 regs.at all, so I will interperate it for you. "Gold miners stay out! You are on BLM land and we are Bureaucrats Managing the Land. This land is not for the U.S. taxpayers to rape in order to make millions of dollars on the weekend." If you need a job with good benefits and you enjoy harassing people and working at Mc Donalds was too hard for you to comprehend even though you had 3 years of colledge. Then come join our BLM team! I think my interpertation is slightly biased and I may have taken some liberties about most people who work there, but I hope you have a better understanding now. P.S. I now reside in Arizona again and will need to obtain the truck loads of regulations myself. I am not sure if I can suck hard enough to operate a suction dredge without using a motorized sluice box. Maybe you can explain that process to me, because I was a dumb goldminer when I should have gone to colledge.
  19. Gambrinus


    I appologize to everyone here on this forum. It was never my intent to come here and start a brawl. I however have been in recovery for three months, due to a back injury, but between the drugs and the pain, I have not been very friendly to anyone. In no way do I feel that my problems should become your problems, So I will try even harder to be friendly with everyone. I am sure my kids like that idea too.
  20. Gambrinus

    Withdrawn Blm Land

    Can someone give me advice on how to navigate through the blm site, to find withdrawn land?
  21. Gambrinus

    Small Scale Prospecting

    What could you tell me about modern drilling a 12" to 16" deep hole in limestone and I will need to get it to a remote location. and also what explosives to use and handling in Arizona? Or where I could look for info on Az. about storage/handling laws?
  22. Gambrinus

    Getting Started On The Forum

    Hello I have only been here a few days, I have found some highly experienced people on this site. But like all forums, you will find someone who can be very annoying when they post misinformation and believe that supplying any information that relates to the subject, only because they know how to use google search, will somehow make them look intelligent. My question, is there an ignore button on this site?
  23. Gambrinus


    Geowizard I was going to put up links to the definition of canals and ditches, but then I realised, that it would it only make me look like a fool. What stopped me was, I remebered an antectdote I read somewhere , having something to say about becoming a fool when you argue with a fool, or something like that. I am done making myself look like a fool with you. On this subject anyway.
  24. Gambrinus


    Geowizard You did a great job of explaining the same type of scenario, that i just described. But covering the same ground again, seems like a silly waste of time for a wizard, and redundant.