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  1. indianbullet

    New Contest: Can You Recognize Gold?

    I'll bite 1=N 16=N 2=Y 17=Y 3=N 18=Y 4=N 19=N 5=Y 20=Y 6=Y 21=Y 7=N 22=N 8=Y 23=N 9=Y 24=Y 10=Y 25=Y 11=N 26=Y 12=Y 27=N 13=Y 28=Y 14=N 29=N 15=N 30=N
  2. indianbullet

    What If

    I'm knew to this forum and this prospecting activity/lifestyle. But I like and admire the way you think. As an old lumber industry worker I'm no stranger to the Forest Circus. Something has to change, this is our land. couldn't make the link hot but you may enjoy it. forestcircus.com dept of aggravation