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  1. recyclertara1981

    Small Scale Hard Rock Mining

    new to mining i am looking at some land with quartz,iron laying open on ground. i was wanting to know what would be best way to mine it
  2. recyclertara1981

    Starting A Placer Mining Operation

    have a question. i am new at this and was wanting some information. i heard blm that you buy claims from them. i look on there web site didt find nothing. i look on line but people want and arm and leg for them. i was raise to work hard and if it was easy everbody woud want do them.
  3. recyclertara1981

    Financing A Hardrock Mine

    hello am new at this.my question is i look for claim but seem every body wants a arm and leg for them. i heard blm has some that not being used. but unable to find out more. any help would sure be nice thanks