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  1. Thanks Rod. It is located in Colorado. I'm definitely looking for proposals, so let me know what you had in mind. James, I'm still waiting on the assay report. Those figures were given to me word of mouth, so I'm kind of skeptical myself. Also, the sample was cherry-picked from the best of the bunch, so there's that too.
  2. Some relatives recently found (placer?) gold and came to me for help. After a few hours of picking through pretty rocks along a stream they were able to collect roughly 20 lbs of gold bearing rock. I'll see the tests later today hopefully, but I'm told it contains about 24 ounces of gold. It is on blm land and there is much more where it came from. I will be filing a claim sometime maybe in spring when the snow melts (maybe sooner?). Here is the thing... I don't want to mine the find. I'm sure there is a learning curve that I just don't have the patience for. I don't want the upfront costs of equipment, the hassle of freezing my ass off at a high elevation, etc. Are there companies who will just buy a claim from you or work it for a profit share or something like that? I really don't want to be in the mining business.