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  1. jrezek

    Processing Tailings

    not yet My day job is developing high end residential home is the bay area. With all this rain it has delayed the sale of our current project. Also my new mine got rocked with all this rain The river came up 20 ft so getting across will have to wait. The great news is that my last trip across i found the tunnel . i have been looking for. I found the main vein of the east belt of the motherlode. I blew out some samples and they came back at 5+ oz per ton. Now i have a viable mine worth investing in.. This spring is all repairing the old roads and building a bridge able to handle 10 ton.. The milling equipment will come in time. Baby steps. I have time on my side.
  2. jrezek

    Crushing And Milling

    Hey Folks Through some historical data i found out that this is a Hartinge conical mill
  3. jrezek

    Looking For A Partner

    Flanders Thanks for the reply My Patented claims are in Tuolumne Ca. What im looking for is a trustworthy partner. To help with investment and sweat equity Here are a few pics. You can email me at jrezek1@gmail.com and we can start talking.and i will send you more pics Joseph Rezek
  4. jrezek

    Processing Tailings

    Im going to start processing the many tons of tailings from the hardrock mines on my property To get started i'm going to use a 16" partnertuff chain mill and an RP7 table. I will eventually bring in a 1 ton per hour mill but I chose these to get started making a few bucks. i figured this was an inexpensive way to go.. It should also be able to get me the assay samples i need to plan my attack. Does anyone have experience with these machines? and what should i expect as far as lbs per hour production?.
  5. jrezek

    Crushing And Milling

    Thanks Rick and GA Its definitely a mill No balls though. They were using the ore itself as a media. Its loaded with big chunks and rounded river rock Here is a pic
  6. jrezek

    Crushing And Milling

    Has anyone seen this model before? Its on my property lined with brick and still has the ore in it
  7. jrezek

    Looking For A Partner

    Hi I am brand new to the forum. I just recently purchased 4 patented claims in California. I have 1000s of tons of rich tailings to process. I picked out my 2 ton per hour mill equipment and need a financial partner. Any ideas? I'm not interested in taking this public and selling stock. Just a partner who wants a fair return on investment. My shafts are still loaded enough to set off my metal detector for AU but that's later down the line. I have enough material to run for years without having to start blasting...