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  1. Hi i am needing advice I found gold while cleaning a local source of clay I am a glass blower i use tons of clay for refractory and molds I found a free source locally by my home In the process of cleaning silt and sand out of it to make it useable i discovered gold I dont plan on really mining for gold I am just to busy but i would love to collect what i have out of the waste from cleaning the clay but there is so much mica and pyrite it is really hard to process other than just throwing handfuls of the black sand in a cruicable in one of my kilns is there any other way to remove the mica and pyrite more effectively basicly the cleaning process leaving me like what a sluice box would would aqua regia work since it would disolve both as well as the gold and it wouldnt be recreated in the perception process of the gold if my chemistry memory serves me right