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    Cornstarch Replaces Cyanide

    Hi I am new to all of this. would be thankful for any help. I have tried asking around and cant find any help. One company who test the stuff said that its loaded with microns but did not say what the other stuff was or how to refine it. I would love to know more and if this would be able to remove micron gold from very heavy black beach sands and cons from a sluice that are also micron sized, here in Australia there is heavy minerals that make it extremely hard to get down to the gold. Of late I have been ending up with a substance at the end that looks like icing sugar that has not dissolved in water white silver in appearance. With a few tiny specks in it of gold but seems the same weight. Tried heating it up to see if its mercury but it stayed the same. No one can tell me what this is. Out of a 20 ltr bucket i end up with about 5 table spoons of this and 20 bits that i cant seperate. I am sure there is also gold microns that i can not see in there also. how would i be able to use the starch to get the Gold out. Thank you
  2. Has anyone used the Vortex Dream Mat. What angles work for you and how does it seem to recover the GOLD. This is a new Mat here in Australia and there is not much info here on how to use it such as angles or flow rates. The GOLD we find is micro gold here and am thinking about trying it as the normal sluice seems to lose most of the gold. Any help would be great thank you.