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  1. hi Jennifer , yep , they are a Mercedes benz unimog , mostly designed for a military application , top speed 50 mph
  2. dredgernaut

    2017 Plans

    thanks Mr. T , it was very good , too much hard work for sure , lol , trommel ran great , looking forward to melt off so I can get back in , ive been trying to find a warmer spot to frequent in the winter months , but I think its cold everywhere , have 5 buckets of fines to clean up , but winter is still long , , I will do a lot more of the same thing this coming summer and I would like to prospect colorado for a couple weeks if I can get in where I'm thinking . I hope everything works for you this year just leave some gold for me . lol
  3. dredgernaut

    Prospecting Partner Available

    Hello tee , I know this thread is 2 years old , but are you still looking for a partner , thanks
  4. dredgernaut

    2017 Plans

    ya buddy , already done , this was the first run , ever , I added a bunch more hole in the hopper spray bars , much better now
  5. dredgernaut

    California Flooding

    hopefully lots of gold moves with this high water , looking forward to this year for sure
  6. dredgernaut

    California Flooding

    cool pic leonard , do you recall what you found that year , and what was your method for recovery
  7. dredgernaut

    2017 Plans

    hey bud , thanks , me too , I built the trommel with a friend , I call it the "dredgenaut" , it is meant to be bucket fed , or small excavator , but the trommel will require direct supervision pretty consistently if using a mini ex. to feed it , and I have not purchased a mini yet , but I am willing and able too, should the need arise , California will not let me use one on my claim , and I am praying the will let me run my trommel , that is why I'm considering other opportunities , I work by myself because I don't have anyone to work with , lol , so I built the trommel to be very mobile , meant to be carried in pieces , 6 to 7 trips , heaviest piece is about 75 lbs. , I can carry each piece like nothing , made a backpack to carry the motors , here is a short , first test run , with old concentrates with some hammered lead added , do you have a place that will allow you to use your mini ,
  8. dredgernaut

    2017 Plans

    hello , my plan for 2017 , run my trommel , so I have 80 acres in Nevada county ca. , pretty high up , on a few small creeks , I have a dry leg of an older river that's 30 feet wide and 400 feet long to dig up , the creeks bypass it leaving it high and dry but close enough to pull water over to , I have my p.o.o. filed , my plan has passed the water board with approval , forest service seems good , but still waiting for final approval , the archeologist hasn't cleared my plan yet , but I think there should not be a problem , now I just wonder how much difference these storms will make on that dry leg I almost have full approval on , I hope its still there , I guess it could wash out , but at least I know there will be enough water this year , and since I can only dig by hand in cali , but I hopefully can run my little trommel , I will only run about 40 or so buckets a day by hand , but if my plan does not get approval , I will be looking to work elsewhere I have considered heading north , maybe alaska or Canada , I would like to find a larger scale miner that has finished a cut and moved on , but before the reclamation begins I want to try a mini excavator and my trommel in the bottom of the cut , , but I do not know anyone up there and I don't want to just show up blind ,I know there is a lot of material left , too small or too spread out to chase after with large equipment, but I think as a small clean up crew , with small overhead it could be possible , let me know if you have any ideas , thanks
  9. dredgernaut

    California Flooding

    now your in trouble , you were thinking about mining , then you used a mechanized camera to take pictures , look at the water quality issues you created , the law is already on site to discuss your "plan of operation" . lol , nice pics
  10. dredgernaut

    Hello All

    ya buddy , i brought a cordless drill with me when I actually went to run it , and made about 10 or so more holes , little larger too, it also helped with sluice flow little deeper , I added a few more to the spray bar also , I bring extra pvc too
  11. dredgernaut

    Hello All

    thanks, it does 20 rpm or more if you idle up , I also can adjust barrel pitch to keep material in a little longer or move it faster , here is a link to a test run https://youtu.be/_PdZlbHO2-g , let me know what you think
  12. dredgernaut

    Small Trommels - 1 Yard Per Hour

    ‚Äč here is a good 1 yph or so trommel , https://youtu.be/_PdZlbHO2-g
  13. dredgernaut

    Hello All

    i have about 40 or so buckets prepared and lined up before i even start it , that gives me all morning to dig , run when ready , start to refill before the day ends , can average 40 to 60 buckets in a day depending in amount of clay , and how hard the digging is , but I work alone
  14. dredgernaut

    Hello All

    hello again , thanks , yes its aluminum , i made it to be carried in , and bucket fed , heaviest piece is about 70 lbs. , it will take up to 5 inch rocks , has 3/4 inch screen, can run about 1 or so yards per hour , I live in Wisconsin , I do my digging in California and colorado . , ive been digging by hand for about 15 years now , with this trommel it is more fun than ever , its very quiet until the rocks start tumbling , lol , and it is super fuel efficient, hopefully someday I can bring it to alaska and try to find some color up there
  15. dredgernaut

    Hello All

    hello , I am new to this site , I have been digging for about 20 years off and on , I make my own equipment sometimes , here is my newest and best creation , I call it the dredgenaut