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  1. I recently found this site and am very impressed with the information provided. Just signed in the first time, thanks again Scott for your quick help. As someone new to mining, it took me actually seeing people dig up nuggets and pan out grams and ounces from places like the Rogue River to believe that there is plenty of Gold still available and ready to be pulled from the earth. I had to watch Youtube video of incidents like the Butte Nugget to believe that was still possible. I realize that that man had been looking for his "Retirement Nugget" for over 20 years... but just the BELIEF that it was possible sprung me into action. I'm looking forward to joining the discussion. I'm "green" but I've been researching with great enthusiasm. I'm an Information Technology nerd by trade and have worked as a research analyst, so finding information online is easy for me. I've owned a computer support business before I went to work for the State of Oregon as a computer field tech about 10 years ago. I'd be glad to offer any advice in that field. The biggest curiosity that I have right now is in metal detecting. I would appreciate advice on which model works best in Southern Oregon. My budget is 2k and under. Thanks again, Brett