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  1. Hello Chickenminer, Colorado Mike here.

    I am building a new Trommel hosting a 42" dia x .375 x 15 ft barrel and will be powering it with a 10hp electric motor and a 20:1 gear reduction box. I am currently at the stage where I need to have the #100 chain sprocket segments water jet/machined and  would like to see the pic's of your chain segments that you posted some time ago on this site. I just can't open the ones you posted for whatever reason and was wondering if you could post them again or send them to me via my email address that I would share with you. I have been mining in the Yukon near Dawson City since 2014 with a smaller (20+ YPH) plant but overall doing fairly well. My Son and Grand Son will be partnering up with me for the upcoming 2020 season also near Dawson, in the Yukon.  Thank you, Colorado Mike