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  1. Reno Chris

    James ( Jim ) Beckwourth Museum and Cabin

    Been a lot of years, but I took my daughter there once. Chris
  2. Reno Chris

    Torch Assay Folks

    Torch assays can be a rough,ballpark type of tool in estimating precious metals concentrations. They will not be accepted by companies looking to purchase any claims you have staked.
  3. Reno Chris

    Activated Carbon

    Yes, the ash can be treated with Litharge and the contained gold captured like in a fire assay. A process of cupellation will then free the gold from the lead. As you say that requires incineration and you definitely dont want something like a torch which will then blow away all the gold bearing ash, leaving you with nothing.
  4. Reno Chris

    Dawson City detecting

    Up higher in the creeks there far above town were some decent sized nuggets found in the early days but I am not sure about locations close to Dawson, and we dont know how far from Dawson you really are looking at.
  5. Honestly, I am confused by your question. There are some rare circumstances where private property does not include mineral rights and those mineral rights can be claimed as an unpatented mining claim. Normally this is on ranch land. However, the owner can prevent you from working the property as he has surface rights. My suggestion would be to first find out the actual status of the property first, then consider what the possibilities are. Many of these ranchers would not receive miners on their land easily.
  6. Reno Chris

    question on geothermal gold

    Most gold is carried in solution as a acidic sulfide solution. Sometimes calcite can neutralize the solutions enough to drop gold out of the solution, but also iron can displace the gold, and drop the gold out of the solution. Aqua regia is not a naturally occurring substance, so it cannot be the cause that dissolves gold in nature.
  7. Reno Chris

    Manganese Markets

    Manganese is a low price commodity, with raw ore values at only a couple of dollars a pound. Buyers are interested in large bulk sources of hundreds of tons, not really something a small prospector could supply easily. Most consumers of manganese in the US are associated with steel manufacturing in the eastern US, so long haul transport of the ore by rail would also be needed. This is why small operators just dont have the ore and capital to get involved with the manganese market.
  8. Reno Chris

    Mechanized or not?

    As far as the use of an electric demolition hammer, that is one that is so borderline that it would be something up to the local BLM authority to interpret. One of the difficult things about the rules and regulations is that they are vague and open to considerable interpretation. Some officials will interpret the rules generously and others will interpret them restrictively. If its something you want to fight over, talk to an attorney. If its something where you just want to avoid confrontation, do it quietly. If its something you want to know, as k the local BLM authority, but try to get it in writing, as you may find one official tell you one thing and a second official tell you something completely different. I'm not certain of the reference in an article you are referring to, but we have a number of issues on line and they can be researched to view more than a decade of back issues if you sign up for on line access.
  9. Reno Chris

    Recirculating Sluice

    How are things going with that recirculating sluice? I am about to try out one that I made myself.
  10. Reno Chris

    Is there really a vein here?

    I found one a while back that was maybe 300 feet long down the side of a hill and it was surprisingly straight down the hill. Your line of gold may be a pocket in the quartz vein that has eroded out and freed to roll down the hill. Knowing that there is a vein, I'd detect and dig in the vein where your line crosses the vein.
  11. Reno Chris

    Life At The Bottom Of A 64' Shaft

    OK, how about mudslide or just ground creep over a long period. The net result can be similar to glaciers in that it can stir things up.
  12. Reno Chris

    Is there really a vein here?

    Focus your pick work in line with the quartz from where you found the last piece to maybe 10 feet above that.
  13. Reno Chris

    Life At The Bottom Of A 64' Shaft

    Got any ideas? Heavy flood event?? Sounds more like glacial movement. Glaciers stir up everything and result in very spotty gold.
  14. Reno Chris

    Is there really a vein here?

    Likely there is something there, but you have given me so little to go on its real hard to say. If it were me I would dig around above the spot where the upper most piece was found. I dont know exactly what you mean by hard pan - caliche? Hard clay? hard bedrock? If its possible to dig through the "hard pan" I would do so. The upper most piece could be 2 feet below the location of the pocket or 20 feet below it or something in between. Its also possible that all the pocket has spilled out and no more of the quartz in place remains. The density of gold bearing quartz is much less overall than the density of solid gold. So the quartz specimens tend not to sink so far into the soil. They also give a weaker response than solid gold, so you may not be detecting them as deeply.
  15. Reno Chris

    complex ore

    Gary - I think there is some miscommunication here. I have no idea what you are asking, and I am kind of thinking you are not very clear on it either. Chlorite is a mineral which does not contain precious metals. Chlorides are a group of minerals, but the only ones you might see in an ore are silver chlorides, the mineral name of which is Chlorargyrite. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chlorargyrite Other precious metals do not form mineral chlorides because they are water soluble. I know of no process which extracts precious metals using silver nitrate. Pulverizing to more than 350 mesh is a mistake, and will cause lower recover of metals rather than more. You should not crush that fine. So the whole thing is pretty muddled and maybe you could start fresh and tell us in detail what you have and what are wanting to do,