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    New Blm Fee's

    New fee's are as follow's 1- 20 acres or less $ 140.00 2-For every 20.1 to 40 aces an additional $140.00 3- The maintenance fee for a 20.1 acre placer claim is $280.00,a 40.1 acre placer claim is $ 420.00 and it goes up from there. I had a one hundred acre claim in California. Guess what I let it go. The BLM raising there fee's and the enviromental wacko's in California getting dredging band. OH! and the Forest service sending me a nasty letter about having a couple of barrel's on my claim, that i had some tools stored in. That was just to much. I don't need that s##t. The fee's I posted is off the card the BLM sent me.
  2. Martial B

    New Blm Fee's

    How do all you claim owner's feel about the new rentail fee's that the BLM has forced down our throat's?