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  1. If they can barge in you may want to consider a 20' or 40' connex. Also a good way to get your supplies to the site. Also nice to have a solid wall rather than a fabric wall in bear country.
  2. Geo, Since you already have the Bobcats, why not an auger for one of them? I have found the auger attachment very useful and allot more powerful to get deeper than a hand auger, as long as access is appropriate for a skid steer loader.
  3. http://www.newsminer.com/news/local_news/livengood-mine-would-see-losses-at-today-s-gold-prices/article_f13e5cbc-f433-11e2-a4c8-0019bb30f31a.html Looks like Livengood is on hold until the price of gold goes up.
  4. polardds

    Wash plant for mini excavator

    Not to hijack the thread but what about a wash plant for a skid steer loader? Preferably with a trommel. We have lots of clay. I know on previous forums it was discussed about the "jerky" unloading of a skid steer bucket.