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  1. Robert Cox

    Financing A Hardrock Mine

    Do you have any ideas how to finance a hard rock gold mine, I have tryed group funding, crowd funding , local ads and the internet, it appears most people not interested in the new wold wide gold rush. I am in a small area where 7 or more mines produced from 10,000 oz to 35,000 oz, close to the surface quaetz ore. Would like any info you may have. Regards Robert L Cox (Robin)
  2. Robert Cox

    Small Scale Hard Rock Mining

    Has anybody used the Icon Concentrator, would it do a better job than a table.
  3. Robert Cox

    Small Scale Hard Rock Mining

    How about the Icon Concentrator, would it work better than a table.
  4. Robert Cox

    "flour Gold" Recovery

    Use a Icon Concentrator.
  5. Robert Cox

    Small Scale Hard Rock Mining

    Need some ideas on small scale hard hard rocking mining. My claim is in the old Banner District near Julian California, an area known for it rich gold quartz pockets. I have ore that is assaying about 1/2 oz per ton, lots of it. Full face of the adit. Crushed quart and Julian Schist type of ore. What is the best type of small scale mill to set up at the lowest possable cost, this is free milling gold.Very near the Golden Chariot Mine which hit an ore shoot of about 150 feet and took out 35,000 oz of gold, it ran from 4 to over 40 oz per ton.