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  1. chickenminer

    Hello All

    Nice job on the trommel. How fast are you turning that drum?
  2. Hi, I've been in a few camps that used the portable fabric structures. They worked very well. When Full Metals had a prospecting camp here they used the WeatherPort structures. I was impressed how well they withstood the winter cold & snow without damage for years. The only problem I saw was it is very easy for bears to rip open a side for access! This happened to their cook structure.
  3. Carter, The State probably will not be too much of a problem. Google earth, Bing satellite, or Flash Earth might help you out. Or just send what summer photo you do have. The COE is another matter, they are wanting more detailed imagery for doing the JD. You might want to call them and see what they will accept as a minimum. I purchased a drone for just this purpose.
  4. chickenminer

    2016 At Cobb

    Same to you. Look forward to seeing your progress !
  5. chickenminer

    2016 At Cobb

    Yes I am. Cleared out a spot last Fall. Not going to start on it until mid Feb. Don't anticipate it being much more than 15'. Thanks but I like it keep it simple. Bucket and hand-crank windlass suits me fine for what I do. Good exercise going up and down the ladder !
  6. chickenminer

    2016 At Cobb

    Kurt, Yes I've hit some real good pay at times. Keep in mind none of my sinking has been near the depth your doing. I'd say my average shaft was less than 20'. I just used a 5 gallon bucket and rope. Never bothered putting up a windlass until it was at least 20'. That's changing though with age. Pulling up a 5 gallon bucket full of wet slop ain't as easy as it use to be !
  7. chickenminer

    2016 At Cobb

    Kurt, I like the electric jack hammer idea ! I sink holes for prospecting. Never did any serious drifting in any of them. Over the past 40 winters I've been here in the Fortymile I have probably sank close to a hundred holes on various creeks in the area. Here is one I was working on a couple years ago. This one ended up being abt 26' to bedrock.
  8. chickenminer

    2016 At Cobb

    Are you planning to pick through 60' of muck !?! That is my least favorite part of winter shaft sinking. Fortunately I only have had to deal with 10-12' of muck at most so far.
  9. chickenminer

    2016 At Cobb

    Kurt... Much muck before you hit gravel ?
  10. chickenminer

    Thank You Chickenminer

    Ouch... sounds painful ! We've all done some pretty stupid things from time to time in hindsight. Luckily most of us are still around !! I look forward to seeing some video of that machine in action next summer !
  11. chickenminer

    Thank You Chickenminer

    Hey .... good for you! Looks good and ought to do the job. Turning a bit faster than I like but I'm sure you will be tweaking that once you figure out how your material handles. Congrats !
  12. chickenminer

    Post Link?

    Glad you got it figured out
  13. chickenminer

    Gold Prospecting Drone

    Bob... Curious how much control you have over the GoPro using the Yuneec controller ?
  14. chickenminer

    Post Link?

    I don't use Photobucket but I believe somewhere on the page of your video you will have options for linking code. One option will be called direct. Copy that and in the forum here use the advanced reply. One of the options in the toolbar at top is "image" , click that and it will open a box for you to insert your direct link from Photobucket. That should work. Make sure you have sharing enabled for that video in your Photobucket account !
  15. chickenminer

    Dredgeing In Az

    diggingbar..... Excellent posts. The more layers of bureaucratic rules, regulations and stipulations open to interpretation the further we become removed from the intent of the law. You are absolutely correct it is not some low lying BLM employees job to tell you how to mine. According to law their job is to issue you a permit ( if warranted) and then see to it that you follow that permit so as to not cause "undue or unnecessary degradation" to the public lands... period! Trouble is it is an exhausting fight every day every step of the way to prevail. It is refreshing to read yours and Clay's posts.