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    Prospecting Partner Needed

    Thanks for the advice guys. I am a 3 year GPAA member but have not had much luck by myself at the GPAA claims. Most of the claims have been worked pretty hard or maybe I'm doing it wrong. I did try to join a San Jose club listed in the in the GPAA magazine which is the closest, but never got any replies from the email account listed. I will be trying to contact some listed here in the ICMJ, thanks for the tip. I don't have a claim, but I want to get out and try to find spots that haven't been worked so hard and as such are harder to get to. I found one called Indian Creek and it looks promising as far as how hard it's been worked. I think I need a more experienced partner to point out what I'm doing wrong or missing. I'm retired and the friends who want to go search still have M-F jobs and that just doesn't leave enough time to do much exploring on weekends. I know it's out there cause you guys keep posting pictures of it!
  2. I can do this full time as I am retired and am looking for others in the same catagory. My problem is I need a partner or partners who can spend the time in the field necessary to find gold. I've been prospecting for 3+ years and have most all equipment needed for prospecting. I have a 4x4 truck and cabover camper. My setup is 100% self contained including solar powered sluice box. I'm in the Santa Cruz, California area. I usually head to the desert in the winter months and Sierras in the rest of the time. I'd prefer someone with more experience than I have in need of a honest hardworking associate. dane at cruzio dot com.