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  1. Dan H

    Reverse Helix Recovery Systems

    Chris, The answer is yes to both questions. It's a old picture of one of two that I own.
  2. Dan H

    Reverse Helix Recovery Systems

    Dixie Doodlebug also built 2 larger model's for commercial operations.
  3. Dan H

    Rip Gordon Burton Of Golden Caribou Mining

    I met Gordon a few years ago and I thought that if I lived closer to Plumas county, I would definitely join his club, because my impression of him was that he was the niceist and most helpful person that I had ever met. God bless you Gordon. Muley
  4. Dan H

    Largest Gold Prospecting Show In The United States

    Yes, thank you, Scott Harn and the ICMJ. Great show, Next year can't come soon enough. I will plan for the whole 4 days.
  5. Dan H

    Going Detecting All Summer Long!

    Steve, Best of luck to you, Myself and many others will be looking forward to hearing all about your adventures and how you did this fall. Muley
  6. Thank you to everyone that has added input, I have followed every lead and still coming up with no matches. It's not a G-B Placer machine.
  7. Chickenminer, I like your suggestion about it being a amalgamator, because what left of the recovery has the riffles bent and formed out of a single sheet of metal. Also the main feed hopper is very small, like it was made to be feed with a conveyor.
  8. The engine is a "Hit and Miss" either 1.5 or 2 h.p. Fairbanks Morse "Z" Style "D", and the water pump is also a Fairbanks Morse, The speed reducer I can't tell, so I'm wondering if Fairbanks-Morse made mining equipment? Everything is run off the motor via 2" flat belts. Chris, Thank you
  9. I acquired this trommel today and I need help identifying it so that I can restore it to it's original showroom condition, It was last used during the last depression on the White River California making the 2 owners about $2.00 per day., Then it was used as yard art for the next 40 years and then purchased from the widowed owner and moved to another yard art location for the next 20+ years, until earlier today when I acquired it. Any information would be much appreciated. Muley
  10. Steve, As always I look forward to reading all that you write, you are always very informative and educational. between you and Reno Chris ICMJ is going too have find a bigger / faster printing press to keep up with the new subscriptions Muley.