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  1. Dan

    Search Coil Questions

    I use my 12 inch round NF for everyday use. It's an amazing coil with excellent depth and sensitivity. I would highly recommend one.
  2. Dan

    Rye Patch Gold

    I know Newmont has been leasing some of their claims at ryepatch. Is it still true that the odd sections are still open to play around on? I haven't been there for about a year and a half now.
  3. Well dern. Congratulations jasong. Thank you Chris for the fun.
  4. It just says it will run through the 10th. I guess it doesn't specifically say it ends the 10th. Either way Chris is a pretty busy feller so I'm sure he will specify when he returns.
  5. Dan

    Gold From Old Tailing Pile

    Wow.......very nice.
  6. 1 yes. 2 no. 3 yes. 4 no. 5 yes. 6 yes. 7 no. 8 no. 9 yes. 10 yea. 11 yes. 12 no. 13 no. 14 yes. 15 yes. 16 no. 17 yes. 18 yes. 19 no. 20 no. 21 no. 22 yes. 23 no. 24 no. 25 yes. 26 yes. 27 no. 28 yes. 29 no. 30 no. Fun times Chris. Thank you.
  7. Dan

    Don't Do This!

    That's ridiculous. I see new laws coming soon if we don't do our jobs of filling in our holes.
  8. Robert, the best time to build prospecting equipment is during the winter. That's when I do all mine. Warm up the shop and weld away.
  9. Dan

    Any Clue What This Is?

    The one side kind of resembles a platinum nugget. But heck I'm not too sure. Get it checked out by someone. Looks cool.
  10. Dan

    Detector Purchase A Must.

    I have used most of them myself. Some more than others, but i still fall back to the Gb2. I have just had such great luck with it. I also run a GP extreme for my PI detector. I really do love both of them. The extreme isnt quite up to par with the new PI's, BUT with todays coil technologies, it is great. The Gb2 is my personal favorite though. Good luck on your search.
  11. Since my last post in April on this subject, I have actually used and love the Gold Hog mat. It has raised my recovery of fine gold and bigger gold by huge numbers. BUT.....i have yet to get rid of the miners moss. Maybe just stuck on the moss i guess. I run 3 pieces(18") of mat in the top half of my keene highbanker and the rest moss and either riffles or expanded metal, depending on where i am working. But as for the mat, i am now a believer.
  12. Yeah i bet. Not bad here. Only 20 bucks to ship that big barrel. I thought that was pretty cheep for something that big.
  13. Sure, it is casluicebox.com. Haha i have no affiliation with them. I agree with one of the comments up above about not having enough time in the drum to wash. That is one thing i might have a problem with if i buy this drum. BUT they will build anything you want if you ask them. The prices are awesome for they are offering. I will try them out and if i have to i will modify it for what i want. I am going with their 10" x 36" drum. $150 bucks is a good price for the materials they use.