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    Dan reacted to Gambrinus in Appology   
    I appologize to everyone here on this forum.
    It was never my intent to come here and start a brawl.  I however have been in recovery for three months, due to a back injury, but between the drugs and the pain, I have not been very friendly to anyone.
    In no way do I feel that my problems should become your problems, So I will try even harder to be friendly with everyone.
    I am sure my kids like that idea too.
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    Dan reacted to Reno Chris in Don't Do This!   
    From the holes I see, there are still plenty who need the reminder.
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    Dan reacted to Reno Chris in Don't Do This!   
    I am leaning toward the possibility that too many folks just don't care. Hopefully if we talk about it enough, they will get shamed into doing what is right.
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    Dan got a reaction from manVSgold in Detector Purchase A Must.   
    I have used most of them myself. Some more than others, but i still fall back to the Gb2. I have just had such great luck with it. I also run a GP extreme for my PI detector. I really do love both of them. The extreme isnt quite up to par with the new PI's, BUT with todays coil technologies, it is great. The Gb2 is my personal favorite though. Good luck on your search.
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    Dan got a reaction from jeff08xx in Epa Shuts Down Idaho Rivers To Dredgers   
    They are as bad as the forest circus.