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Found 2 results

  1. I just bought a claim in Idaho, North Central, Clearwater Nat. Forest BLM land I am trying to find out what kind of permit if any needed to prospect on the claim. All I am seeing is info on Dredging permit requirements, I don't want to get out there and find out I need a permit. Also, I was told that to use a high banker I need to run the tailings into a depression so the water will filter into the stream, is this correct? Was also told this is a grey area. I would appreciate any info, if anyone could please help. Thanks
  2. Pitch 5 Productions, a TV production company that specializes in non-fiction and reaility-style series for cable, is interested in talking to divers who go into whirlpools, narrow canyons and other turbulent, fast-moving water in rivers to pursue gold. The divers will be interviewed via Skype. Location and timeline of the series are to be determined, but may involve rivers in Alaska, the Yukon and Idaho. If you are interested or have questions, please email donovanjacobs442@yahoo.com.