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Found 1 result

  1. Hey Guys, My intro, I've been a reader and miner for over 20 years, I have keep to myself, worked my claims and try to support the local detecting and mining activities and folks in my area. Lately I've had people digging open old tunnels on my claims (2) and of course shooting up my signs, equipment and turning one claim I have in the mountains into a 4x4 hill climb. All of which I reported to our US Forest Service to the reply of let us know when there doing it so we can site them. HA right! I can't live on the claim and my cell can't call you? I'll leave a note asking when they plan to there next destructive visit. Sorry I ranted. Moving on to my question to all of you and those of you that maybe already be involved and didn't even know it. About 2 months ago I discovered there is a Male Person "fhood" posting on YouTube where his 'Channel" is exploring "Abandon Mines" when I watched his video at the "Abandoned Yucca Grove Mine Tunnel" in the video he un-packages and removes the BLM Claim Paperwork for Nov 2012 and looks at it on camera. He said "Its mining Claim Paperwork" he even subtitles it in the video, (see Photos) and then walked into the mine shaft to "explore". This guys got big eggs! I commented on his "Channel" about it was a big mistake about it being abandoned and told him that he was in fact trespassing as you saw in the paperwork you opened and could be arrested for it. I said there were safety reasons and he was showing children that its safe to go into mines as they watch his videos as well. He deleted my comment and has gone on to make more videos of others mines and you can clearly see they are being worked and have no trespassing signs posted. You can also see a deleted on the particular video. I'm not sure if he thinks he's Indiana Jones or a History Buff, thinks the History Channel will give him a job or something else but I'm sure hes not an angel and probable has a nice collection of souvenirs from his travels to our properties. Now I'm no lawyer but when you video tape yourself entering into another persons property you just gave proof of a crime. I would like to see this person have his collection of videos removed and criminal charges brought up against him and others if there are any accomplices. I'm adding pictures from his Video mentioned above where he enters the Yucca Grove Mine owned by Gulch Lode Mining as seen on the claim paperwork. Clearly this person thinks they are above the laws in many states as he boosts of traveling to CA, AZ and Nev. How or what should we do as a mining community to find and discourage people who Trespass and steal our hard work and money. We have enough State and Federal trouble without someone like this dying in a cave in or children being killed from imitating him. This Guy scares me and if you don't believe me Google fhood hes gone into over 300 mines now. Maybe one of yours. Whats your opinion and solution? Am I over reacting due to vandalism on my own claims? Should I just forget about it and wait for the worst to happen? What if the worst is on your Claim? Do you want to pay to dig him out or just his body? For sure hes not doing us Miners of any-type any favors by invading our propety and showing others it's OK to do it as well. Why wouldn't the Forest Service or BLM go after someone who documents they have broken the law? I haven't spoken to them but, would they help us? Why can't we have the law on or side for once, we're trying to be responsible and environmental as possible Thanks for reading and hope you comment. Let's help each other as a common interest.