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Found 3 results

  1. Geowizard


    Early miners used canals; - Geowizard
  2. plumas.placer.miner

    Using Water In A Nearby Creek?

    I am new to placer mining. Preface: The CA drought has left my claim practically waterless (for the time being). I'd like to transfer water from a creek nearby to my claim (within 2 miles) to storage containers on my claim for use in a recirculating system to wash gravel on my claim. I think I want to use somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 gallons total for each sluicing session, each of which will run maybe 10 buckets of classified material. My thought is to pump water from the nearby creek, into several 30-40 gallon containers, which will be on a large trailer, and take them back to my claim where I will transfer the water to a larger container at the head of my recirculating system. The land that the creek is on is either claimed, or is privately owned. USFS is the managing agency. I do not know what the CFPS measurement of the "host creek" is, but it is certainly sufficient to sustain pumping with a 2.5" pump. Water may return to my claim if we have more precipitation this winter. Hope springs eternal, but water in California apparently doesn't. Questions: Are there legal or ethical issues surrounding this [possible] practice? Can anyone cite the applicable publications, water regulations or mining laws that address this question? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  3. Geowizard

    Dowsing Debunked

    I remain objective and encourage everyone else to also remain objective. I would like to see dowsing work. - Geowizard