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Found 14 results

  1. Metal detectors operate on the concept of electromagnetism. Many people discover gold everyday using metal detectors. The concept is not new. - Geowizard
  2. Geowizard

    The Gravity Method

    The Gravity Method; Prospectors use many different methods to find gold and other precious metals. One of those methods is a geophysical method referred to as the "Gravity Method". - Geowizard
  3. Geowizard

    Buried Treasure!

    You can join me in the search for Buried Treasure right here on the ICMJ Prospecting and Mining Journal Forum! There are clues. - Geowizard
  4. Geowizard


    States are doing surveys to find more valuable mineral resources. - Geowizard
  5. Geowizard

    Seismic Method

    Seismic method; This subject pops up on occasion on this and other forums related to prospecting for gold. What is the seismic method? How does it work? What are the applications? All of these questions can be and need to be answered. This thread provides a venue for understanding more about the capabilities and limitations of the seismic method. - Geowizard
  6. Geowizard

    Kimberlite Pipes

    I have been reading more about Kimberlite pipes lately. - Geowizard
  7. Geowizard


    In the early part of the last century, two brothers, Conrad and Marcel Schlumberger introduced a new method of prospecting. They had discovered and made a business around the concept of Resistivity. Today, Schlumberger is a multi-billion dollar oil services business with offices all over the world. - Geowizard
  8. A magnetometer measures Residual Magnetic Intensity (RMI). This thread is presented as a source of information and Q and A about how to interpret RMI surveys that already exist. - Geowizard
  9. For all those techie-geek questions about metal detectors, here's the place to bring 'em! - Geowizard
  10. Geowizard

    Wrangellia Survey

    The survey was just released. This survey was conducted last year. - Geowizard
  11. For some, it is hard to understand the relevance of geophysics to geology. Geology is important to exploration for gold and silver.
  12. Geowizard

    Iditarod Geology

    What do we know now that the old miners did not know? For those interested in discussion on the topic, this might be a good place to begin! - Geowizard
  13. Geowizard

    Alaska Rocks !

    This thread is for all of the different rock types in Alaska. Show us your rocks! This summer I will be sampling geophysical anomalies in Alaska. I will publish in situ and first ever published photos of the mineralization here. - Geowizard
  14. Geowizard

    Drill Drill Drill !

    One of the themes on "Gold Rush - Alaska" was based on Drill Drill Drill. - Geowizard