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Found 5 results

  1. Uncovering Family Artifacts ( Sifting History ) I return to the Family Homesite this time to Sift through the dirt looking for Family artifacts. Filmed in the Fall of 2019 we uncover a Chauffeur's pin that belonged to my Great Aunt Kathryn's husband William Ernest Thrower. The pin dates back to 1935-36 # 51927 from California. a little bit about William Thrower he was a World War I United States Army veteran having served from March 26 1917 to July 2 1919. Sergeant William E. Thrower 81 Division 324 Infantry, Company K of the American Expeditionary Forces . Buried in Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno, Ca 1895-1965
  2. Metal Detecting an Old Homesite Join Jeff as he Metal Detects an Old Homesite looking for hidden Treasures. Hope you enjoy the video and Thanks for watching !!!! Jeff
  3. Lost Treasure Forbidden Gold Hope you enjoy the video we had a great time doing it !!!!
  4. Geowizard

    Ctx 3030 Software

    Minelab has continued to improve on metal detector technology. - Geowizard
  5. Geowizard

    New Minelab Ctx-3030

    It will be interesting to see reviews on the New Minelab CTX-3030 Metal Detector. This detector incorporates most of the latest Minelab technology. It is a wide band detector that sweeps frequencies up to 100 KHz. It uses digital communication from coil to Control Box. The digital communication combined with data acquisition in the coil provides greatly improved signal to noise ratio = improved sensitivity. - Geowizard