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Found 1 result

  1. Hello All. I am rather perplexed how the 1ppm = 1 gram per ton rule/assumption works.. Maybe someone out there who is an expert in the field of geochemistry/metallurgy might be able to help. I would have assumed that 1ppm literally meant 1 atomic or molecular PART per 1 million other atomic or molecular parts.. In consideration I would also have assumed the various atomic weights/masses of various elements would have a major impact on this assumption. Ie.. Given gold has a specific gravity of approx. 19.3.. and then if we can assume that the host material (silicates, carbonates, oxides etc) have an average combined SG of say 2.8. Then the sum I would have presumed would run like this; 1 ppm = 19.3 : 2.800,000 or 1.00 : 145,077 or 6.89 : 1,000,000 ie. 6.89 grams per ton.. when it comes to gold.. I got thinking about this when looking at assay result for scandium.. With an SG of 3.0 for Scandium, I find it hard to believe that 1 ppm scandium and 1 ppm gold would both equal 1 gram per ton of contained commodity.. It just does not ad up.. or am I missing something fundamental.. Or does PPM actually not mean PPM at all?? Any guidance or insights most appreciated !!! cheers Tony