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Found 2 results

  1. If I had my choice, which I believe I do, which State in the Union would be best to establish a new corporation? Which State offers the best tax advantages? What other things are there to consider? I will be prospecting in several states. What it the best state to set up a Home Office in? Have any of you had to consider these questions? What is your experience or knowledge?
  2. Announcing a new Prospectors Dream Vortex sluice box & short Pre-Review for Khrysos Vortex Sluice Box. The prototype you see will have a 2 new retail products available to purchase this spring. Riffle inserts for 8"-10"-12" sluice boxes for the DYI's to convert any box into a "state of the art" gold recovery system. A thermoformed 10" wide x 32" long sluice out of 3/16" thick ABS! That can be 'daisy chained' together for any length needed! Also custom design consulting & manufacturing services for all professional or large commercial dredge or mining application. Web site under construction; all sales will be thru exclusive distributorship. Please leave comments or e-mail; prospectorsdream@hotmail.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gx3ib9Whc5U Thanks Montana Dave