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Jim Rattlesnake S

To Grubstake Or Not!

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Gentlemen, I'd like your opinion on my grubstaking someone. I have several detectors just collecting dust. They might as well be out finding something. I have a Minelab xTerra 705 with the 6", 10"x6", and 101/2" Hi frequency DD coils, A Minelab SD2000 modified by Finders in Australia with the 11'DD and 8" mono coils. A White's GMT with the stock 10"DD coil, and a White's Pulse Scan TDI with the 12" dual field and 10"x5" Jimmy dual field coils. These would equip 2 folks with a vlf and PI detector each, which would cover most bases. I've been detecting since 1965 and nugget hunting since 1985. Prospecting and mining since 1970. The problem is finding an honest person who I could teach the ins and outs of nugget hunting.

I have 5 claims and am working one and doing ok. I just don't have the time I used to do everything I want to, especially the detecting.

So much for my rambling on.

Any thoughts or idea welcome.

Thanks in advance!

Rattlesnake Jim

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Man!  I wish I were in your area!  But you are correct, even the best references can be faked.  Good Luck on finding someone you can trust, but good on ya for the effort.  Hope it works out OK for you, it's a good thing you are wanting to do.

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