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We are up and running now!


We're currently working on the finishing touches of our forum, and we'll notify everyone when we officially launch. Some users may have received an automated email from the forum software from when we were importing the ICMJ user accounts. If you did, please disregard it, its not necessary and is nothing to worry about.


What's the hold up you say? Well, we're integrating the forum user accounts with the user accounts on our website so you only have to login once. We've disabled the forum topics as well as the ability to login/create an account for the time being.


We'll keep you posted on any updates.


Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience.


- ICMJ Webmaster

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Guest co1859

Just wanted to say Thank You to the ICMJ, Webmaster,  Administrators and Moderators for your hard work and dedication to make this happen.  This looks great and easy to use!!




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