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Market For Garnets?

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Does anyone know of a market for garnets ,garnet chips and red sands? I have some new claims that are have a bunch of tailing piles on them. Along with the fine gold that was missed there is huge amounts of red sand and garnet chips along with the occasional nice garnet. If I could find a buyer for these garnets it could help make reprocessing the tailings more profitable. Anyone have any ideas?


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Gem quality stuff always has a market. Really nice specimens on their original host rock have a ready market. Small pieces like 1/4 inch size that have good color may have some gem related uses like gem trees, etc. Sands have a market as an abrasive, but the unit value is not super high and the cost of shipping tons of sand to an abrasives supplier in the lower 48 may eat up all the profit and then some. Also, with sand it has to be fairly pure - it cant be 50% garnet and 50% black sand and other stuff.

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