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If only miners (mining companies) would do a feasibility study before they started spending money on a mining project, many failed attempts might be averted! :)



Discussion and comments on the topic are welcome!


- Geowizard

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Why waste time studying? We know its rich.

Sampling is expensive - Why waste money sampling?

We want to get to mining right away.

Old Joe took a lot of gold out of here and he told us when we bought the property from him that there was plenty of gold left behind.

We know what we are doing and don't need any help.

Permits!?? We don't need no stinking permits.

Look we are short on money and we need to get into production right away - we cant afford to waste time.

We have a special process that will get gold no one else can capture.                                                

:lol:  :D  :P   :lol::mellow:  :(  :o  :wacko:  :angry:


All excuses I have heard at one time or another.

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