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Bautista planned on the drilling that he was doing a couple years back would really pay off big. However instead of great results with lots of oil, the results were very so -so with only a smaller amount of oil, and what he found was expensive to extract. But he was convinced before hand that he had a real great thing and already built and spent like he was going to need to handle a bajillion barrels of oil every day. Ooooopps! He counted his chickens, decided he was rich and built like a king.


Now he has some very nice facilities that no one actually needs. Instead of a King, he is the mayor of a ghost town.


He over-promoted his holdings and lost. Now he needs some new suckers to fleece.

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It's a lot more than oil or mining losses. The entire Bautista scam is going under, or should I say the scheme has been played out and the various flavors of perception are being "rolled up". The market makers were bound to take their profit sometime.




When folks "invest" hoping for a rise in the market price of the stock it truly is gambling on a perception. Bautista was good at managing that perception until the facts overwhelmed the BS. Game over.


When "investors" once again understand that inflation of market prices is not "gain" we might be able to return to stable productive industry. In the meantime ignoring actual earned dividend returns and relying on perception to make money will still allow the Bautistas of the world to take money off the suckers by simply betting against them.


Please remember that buying a stock is a one way bet. For every bet you make that you will "win" money there is a much bigger shark laying off the other side of your wager. The fact that that shark is the same person that sold the stock in the first place seems to elude the modern "savvy" investor.


Money is never "lost" in a market. It is always a zero sum game when seen as a whole. For several years the smart money has been in betting against your hopes and dreams. They have moved most of the stock "investors" assets to their side of the books. Betting against the house is never a wise choice. The fact that the little guy is constantly fooled into believing that jokers like Bautista are on their side just hides the fact that with stocks you are being limited to one side of the bet.


A rigged game is a rigged game no matter how good it makes you feel while you are playing in it. Heck I hear Twitter is a good "bet". Why not take your chances? As the shark said: "Around and around it goes - where it stops no one knows". :D

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